Socialised Medicine

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Submitted by Rick Giles on Fri, 2007-07-13 14:38
Is this the way you like it, Michael Moore?

From Transtasman

ACT’s Heather Roy has found a new way to complain about what she says is the burgeoning number of Ministry of Health bureaucrats. If they all became seriously ill at the same time, there would be a big problem - there are more of them than there are hospital beds in the whole of NZ.

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Until Friday

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Hells bells. I hope you're not risking your life for a good economic anecdote, Mr Perigo.

Especially not when Salient comes out on Monday, with all due consequences.

Funny thing ...

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Yesterday as noted elsewhere I got chest pains, unresponsive to nitrolingual. Ring my surgeon on his cellphone. He says come see me now. Pains abate so I don't rush, tidying up some loose ends. Two hours later I'm in hospital doing tests. Tests are pretty good, but minor irregularities indicate need for angiogram. We schedule angiogram for Monday, 10 am, after my radio show. Overnight I figure I'd be better doing angio on a Friday when I don't have to work next day, especially if angioplasty is required. So just now I ring surgeon again. "Malcolm, I don't think I'm about to keel over—can we reschedule?" "No prob." Now, all of this, needless to say, is in the private system, paid for by Southern Cross Ultracare. If I'd gone into the public hospital yesterday I'd still be there now, waiting in a cold corridor being insulted by harried, overworked rude bitches .... "Phone your cardiologist and schedule your own angiogram" would just not be an option. Smiling

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