Making book on the Rose Bowl!

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Mon, 2006-01-02 06:40

2 Hour Warning! 2 Hour Warning! 2 Hour Warning! 2 Hour Warning!

Get those bets in, people! This ain't rocket science. We all know Texas is gonna wipe the field with USC's ass, so get in on the action! Now!

All you have to do is pick the winning team and margin. I'll take Texas by 7. For tie-breaking purposes you also need to specify the total points scored by both teams. I'll say 51.


The person who picks the winning team and margin or the closest to the margin, wins.

A winning team and margin can be chosen by only one person. So, as in my case, no one else can have Texas by 7.

In the event of split winners (equal margins high & low), the person picking closest to the total combined points will win.

Scores must be placed by game start time (8pm EST, Jan 4). Times as per the SOLOP reply header.


The winner will receive a gift not exceeding $10 in value from each of the losers. C'mon! It's a nice way to get a prize... lot's of 'em, in fact Smiling

Get in early.

Go Texas!!

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No hurry, Wes. I'll create a

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No hurry, Wes. I'll create a wish list and see if part-payment is allowed.

Sounds fair

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I'm cool with that.

If the others agree it might be better to email an Amazon Wish List instead. That way your shipping info/etc. is there.

I'm not sure how to divide up the cost though...

Thanks for asking, Wes. The

Ross Elliot's picture

Thanks for asking, Wes. The Guns & Ammo sub sounds tempting, but...

Here's a Longhorns cap at Amazon...

Longhorns cap at Amazon

...I was thinking if you guys could all chip in--kill three birds with one stone, if you like--that would be just fine.

Let me know.

Good call on Young Ross.

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Good call on Young Ross. What I thought would happen is that USC would run all over Texas and that the USC defense would have been set up to punish Young's runs. I didn't think he'd be able to run by the end of the third quarter.


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I can understand the 4th and 1. It was the only time all night that they stopped White. It was the facemask that was the killer. I don't really care how excited an announcer is as long as they're not biased or grossly inaccurate.

So do you have a Paypal account or an Amazon wish list you can send out? Maybe you'd like a magazine subscription to Guns & Ammo?

Yeah, I thought the

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Yeah, I thought the commentary was a bit laid back. Too much pre-game prozac? They should have had the ESPN team doing it.

Christ, Leinart looked ill afterwards... he might be glad Reggie won the Heisman now. Although the pundits might wish they'd given it to Young :-}

My, God, isn't Vince Young

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My, God, isn't Vince Young sheer fucking poetry in motion! It's a shame they didn't have some heavy rain--I'm sure he could have walked on water as well Smiling I mean, he just strode across for that last TD. Beautiful!

I'm not gloating guys. I'm just a novice with this game. But I did read about the all-round athleticism of the Texas team and noted that Young is as effective on the ground as he is in the air.

Great game. Very exciting. Almost as good as rugby Eye

I was thinking the same

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I was thinking the same thing, Jason. More than a few times he kept mumbling while it went to commercial!

I am in agreement. USC is a

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I am in agreement. USC is a better football team then Texas. But Texas did win.. so as our New Zealand friends say -- good on them.

One thing that made me even more angry then the Texas win was the ABC commentators. Keith Jackson should check into a nursing home. He should not be in charge of calling the play by play of important sporting events. Those were some of the most dramatic moments in recent sports history and you wouldn't know it from listening to Jackson. He was just kind of mumbling to himself as Young went into the endzone on 4th down!!!

- Jason

Can we curse in Solo Sports?

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Can we curse in Solo Sports? Good, I thought so. What the fuck was the USC coach thinking about when he decided to fucking go for it on fourth fucking down, damn near the fifty fucking yard line, with only one minute and 50 something fucking seconds left in the god-damned ball game. The players of USC won that game, but their coach fucked them strait up the ass.

You're forgiven, Ash.

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You're forgiven, Ash.

That Orange Bowl game was great. I thought FSU would buckle but they really came to the party. The PSU kicker must have been shitting himself until that last kick.

I think this has been a really exciting Bowl season. The Michigan-Nebraska game was fun and Georgia-WV was fantastic. I seems to be going the way of the underdog this year so I'm positive Texas will take the Rose.

Stand by for action Smiling

Good to have you in, Wes.

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Good to have you in, Wes. Your total combined points are 54.

Feel free to send me that sheet. Just go to my contact details by clicking my name then [contact]. You'll see my email there.

Spanking the kicker would only work for me if it was women's football. But then, I'd have them playing in little tennis dresses with lots of camera angles from behind the line of scrimmage, so the whole game would be quite different Smiling


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They should have some sort of official punishment for missed field goals. Something like the coach spanks the kicker on the 50 yd line or something.


I'll take USC by 6, 30-24. I've got a neat Excel sheet I put together to run a bowl pool here at work. I'm not sure how to get it too you so you can take a look though...

Trying to Keep Some Toast Down

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I'm sorry, Ross. I forgot it was you. I had something of a lost week and a half.

Didja see Penn State win the Orange Bowl last night in the THIRD overtime? Nice.

That was me comparing

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That was me comparing laterals. And I'm hurt that you couldn't be fucked finding one of *my* posts. I'm writing you out of my will.


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Yeah, I actually thought to mention it here because I saw on another thread someone comparing lateral passes in football vs. rugby, or something. I couldn't be f-ed to find that thread but it did make me think of mentioning it.

I saw the drop kick thing on

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I saw the drop kick thing on Sportscenter last night. I couldn't believe it's been 65 years since that was last done. Good way to get out of trouble in the last few seconds of a match though. Rugby teams do it all the time.

By way of comparison, Andrew Mehrtens, who I'm sure you're familiar with, Ash, scored 10 drop goals between 1995 & 2004 during his All Black career.

USC by 14

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63 total points. Smiling

Trojans by 3

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OK, I'm in for that. In a rush of home-conference pride I was going to say Texas, but I don't actually think that will happen. I will go SC by 3 with 65 total points.

Did anyone else see Doug Flutie drop-kick for an extra point last night? I love that guy. I love New England.

"According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame web site, the league's last drop kick for points was on Dec. 21, 1941 two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when Ray "Scooter" McLean converted for the Chicago Bears to beat the New York Giants 37-9 in the NFL championship game.

"Flutie might have been there the last time it happened," placekicker Adam Vinatieri joked."

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