American Pastime

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Submitted by NickOtani on Sat, 2007-07-14 18:06

This movie is very personal to me. It is about Japanese Americans interned in a relocation center during World War II and the prejudice of white Americans against Japanese people living in America after the Pearl Harbor attack. My grandmother and aunt were put in the Tule Lake relocation center in Northern California, and my dad, as I've said before, was in the 442nd Division, the famous combat team which was more decorated than any other combat team in American history. The movie shows how these Japanese people had to give up their homes to go be prisoners, and it shows how some white Americans refused to serve "Japs", even after they came home from the front, in uniform, with limbs missing from fighting for America. My dad was also refused service in certain establishments after having received his purple heart and bronze star.

The Japanese people had dignity in the face of all this discrimination. I am proud of my Japanese heritage, and I recommend that everybody watch this movie. It's something Americans need to see.

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