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Babel is a great movie for recognizing identifiable characteristics of humans of diverse races and cultures. The hills of Morocco, where turbin wearing farmers and villagers tend to their sheep, seems far away from middle-class America, but we can still see how the kids playing with a rifle can be like kids anywhere. The teenage Japanese girls were also recognizable as teenagers, even when they were a culture within a culture. The deaf have their own culture. There were the traditional border conflicts between Mexicans and Americans, and this reminds us of the culture clashes in the movie Crash, which was also very educational. We need to see these movies to see how different people are, but still the same, all around the world.

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Which aspects of Babel did you like?

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And, if one of your kids, who know what is right and wrong, fell in love with an Arab, would you be all right with that?

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While I enjoyed certain aspects of "Babel"...

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I thought the theme despite our language barriers we're really all the same was total pomowankery. We are most certainly NOT all the same: often our ideas are diametrically apposed - and not just from country to country; but from house to house. My kids know what's right and wrong and the potentially lethal nature of firearms. They know not to point a loaded weapon at anybody - even a BB gun.

I hated the whole "oh look, the poor Arab is being mistaken for a terrorist because of all the Islamophobia that's going on!" Bollocks!!

We need to see LESS films like this and more that show us what should and ought to be!

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