Blood Diamond

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We see Leonardo DiCaprio as the leading white man in the movie, which was really about a black man trying to get his family back after a warlord attacked his village and killed off several people while taking his family hostage. The father was separated from his family and made a slave in the diamond harvesting business in South Africa. Well, he found a very large diamond and hid it between his toes until he could bury it nearby while the camp was being invaded. DiCaprio’s character, a diamond smuggler, heard about the diamond and offered to help the man get his family back together. He did pull strings and found the wife and daughter, but the son was taken by the warlord and put into the same slavery from which the father escaped. This movie showed how children are taken from their families and trained to use weapons and kill other people as the warlords invade other villages. This seems to happen regularly in certain parts of Africa.

Much more happens here. It is a gritty movie. It is worth seeing. It is educational. People should know what goes into getting these pretty stones that are a symbol of love. There is a lot of ugliness around them.

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thought the ending had similarities to another Leonardo Di Caprio film involving a ship Eye Sticking out tongue...(had to groan when watching it).

Here is an amusing story for you Sticking out tongue...

The girl in the film, Jennifer Connelly, appeared in a movie called "Once Upon A Time In America' many moons ago.

One scene in it has her character, with back to the camera, undressing.
The American censors ...(and others in America seemingly unaware of what an unclothed body looks like) all Bolshie about this scene, with comments bordering on hysteria because Jennifer Connelly was 13 at the time.

The joke was on them, however, when the film Director pointed out it was a body double! Sticking out tongue ...(as he, too, was uncomfortable about a young girl undressing in front of a film crew, so got a much older model for the scene!) Sticking out tongue

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