The Times Literary Supplement Reviews Rand's Novels

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Fri, 2007-07-27 00:03

According to its newsletter:

"IN THIS WEEK'S ISSUE OF THE TLS (The Times Literary Supplement):"

"Reagan the Astute: The popular notion of Ronald Reagan as a lazy bungler has long been questioned; but only now, with the publication of his diaries, do we encounter a shrewd and watchful President determined to have his own way. Edward N. Luttwak peers beneath the 'studied pose of amiable vagueness', and finds an economically savvy, anti-racist, tough on Communism..."

"Harry Potter and the shadow of Karamazov: The darkest and most allusive of J. K. Rowling's seven books points to C. S. Lewis, Tolkien - and even Dostoevsky. Much of the writing remains bland; but Roz Kaveney is still impressed..."

Imagine also my surprise at reading this in the "Table of Contents":

"Mark Crees - Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged"

This issue won't hit U.S. newsstands until next week, so maybe our friends across the pond could check it out for us in the meantime... So, are we tantalized?

[Thanks to D.S. Lahti for the heads-up.]

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I read the Fountainhead review today.

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Although it is resoundingly negative review. It is still worth reading with some interesting points made.

Linz's post has disappeared!!!

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That's odd. Has he had second thoughts?

The Luttwak article on

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The Luttwak article on Reagan is excellent. Unfortunately my local Barnes and Noble doesn't carry the Times Literary Supplement, so I can't read the article on Rand.

Reagan Review

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You can read the Reagan review online here:

"Reagan the Astute"
By Edward N. Luttwak

Ronald Reagan
Edited by Douglas Brinkley
784pp. HarperCollins. £16.64.

"...Memoirs, biographies and policy studies gradually replaced the bungling-bumbling caricature with more realistic depictions, but it is only now, with the publication of his diaries, that we encounter a shrewd and watchful Reagan determined to have his way not only with political opponents and evil or misguided foreigners, but also with his own officials and bureaucracies – the greater challenge in many cases, for diversions can be very subtle, and obstructionism is so easily disguised..."

Not the best reviews ever...

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"relentless uber-theory of life"
"intellectual cult"
"the book finally totters into the realms of the ridiculous"
"Rand's stern dicta begin to resemble an attack on human subtlety in all its forms"
"..these two once-bestselling novels for the potboilers they are"

However, the Reagan diary review was excellent.

You win some, lose some.

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