#01 Little Mosque on the Prairie

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Submitted by Rick Giles on Sat, 2007-07-28 00:19

Episode #01, Little Mosque

In this very exciting episode our cheeky Canuck Muslims get out of the basement and start praying in their very own Mosque- which they dishonestly co-opt from the local Christians under the guise of office space for a construction company.

As the locals become suspicious, and the new Imam gets detained on the way at the airport, with Ramadan on the way, hilarity ensues!

[Watch the Youtube broadcast by clicking on this picture link]

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I thought 'Father Ted' or

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I thought 'Father Ted' or 'Signfeild' more amusing, but it's good. Besides, it takes a couple seasons before a show finds its feet. 2007 is its first year, and season two is underway.

Richard, yes, not all Islam is the same. Great observation by (of all people...) you!

I confess...

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I find this show to be pretty damn funny. It plays almost exactly like an Islamic-flavored version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Laughing at people who refuse to take the sensible way out is one of the world's oldest pastimes.

And meanwhile...

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