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Submitted by wngreen on Tue, 2007-07-31 02:25

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Well done, my friend!!

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Problem solved! Thank you, thank you, merci beaucoup!!! Smiling

Blue Sticky?

So it is isolated to the blue sticky posts or is not? I made a minor change to the drupal code itself, so I hate to say this -- try it again!



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[edit 3: as per William's request] Smiling

[edit 4: William... doing it to all threads, including stickies]

[5: OH!! didn't do it that time! - trying again....]

[6: YAAAAAYYY!!!! Three cheers for Willy!!!!]

I see the datetime stamp on

I see the datetime stamp on here as 2007-08-06 23:45. Edit it again please.


test Wm



Steps to reproduce

This is as frustraiting for me as it is for you since I still can't reproduce it. Is this only happening on sticky posts? Has it happened in this thread? Is it only the order of the comments or is it the order in the tracker? [edit]


Dear William...

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This bug is driving me nuts... anything you can do to stop the leap-frogging effect when you edit a post?

Mitch is right!

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Smiling Well done, Sir!

[edit 1: "Nope!" - "Dope!"]

[edit 2: after William's request]

Could it be...

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a problem just on "blue sticky" posts?

I definitely noticed it on a couple of your posts the other day Jameson, you're not crazy. Smiling


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Flat list - expanded... Date - newest first... 90 comments per page... Save settings

Viewing Options Check

Lets make sure we have the same viewing options. Down near the bottom before the 'post new comments' i have Flat list - expanded Date - newest first 90 comments per page. Is this what you have?


Miss Mary Mountshaft...

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Picture please... Smiling

[edit 1: testing...]

[edit 2 (08.07.07): this is not a sticky post...]

PS.... the date and time changed too. Not sure what you mean with the tracker stuff... Sad

test 1

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test 1, edit

test 1

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test 1, edit


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Still doing it. Must be a Mac thing... *sigh*


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Let me try it again in Firefox...

Still can reproduce it

I can't reproduce it still. I am even trying to edit my first reply in safari, but it is staying right in place.



I can't get mine to change order when I edit it. What os/browser are you using? Maybe I can try to duplicate it better.


Islam insofar as it is directed by governments, and as a measure enforced from above by any government, is to be done away with.


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Still doing it... Sad

Testing, testing 3,4,5...

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Smiling Smile

[edit: on Mac OSX 10.4.10]

Testing, testing 1,2,3...

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Smiling [edited]

[2nd edit: I'm on Safari]

[3rd edit: on Firefox]

[4th edit: on Explorer]

[5th edit: Back to square one!]

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