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Submitted by Andrew Bissell on Fri, 2006-01-06 10:34

Greetings, SOLOists! We can now say of SOLO’s first month in these new premises: “Stick a fork in it, it’s done!”

The first weeks have seen SOLO: The Bigger Badder Sequel off to a roaring start, despite a season that left many (including yours truly) in the depths of holiday malaise. Linz finally caved in to demands for a “SOLO Thrust,” where resident horndogs Jody and Ross have set up shop. (Demands from the Phunny Pharm that the new feature be named “SOLO Dinner and a Movie and Maybe Something Else Later but We Won’t Go Into That Sinful Business” went unheeded.) MSK has laughed his last LOLOL, helpfully putting SOLO right on track to meet The Management’s new “Purge One a Month” policy. And as always, all the world’s troubles, from energy policy to FAA regulations, were considered and solved in short order by the brain trust that inhabits the forums.

Of course, it wouldn’t make much sense for us to issue another “Holiday Reprise,” given that New Year’s Day has come and gone. And “Post-Holiday Reprise” just doesn’t sound quite as festive. What SOLO needs—what I now invite from you, our members and contributors—is new articles to grace the main page.

Articles will work a little bit differently from the old site. Instead of pushing for new daily content, we will strive to publish higher quality work that will stay atop the main page for days at a time, hopefully spurring a more involved and deeper discussion of the subject at hand. So, while it may take a bit more work for you to get your article published, you will see your writing and the issues that matter to you get top SOLO billing for a longer stretch of time.

The process of submitting articles has also changed for the new site. To add your article to the hopper, you’ll need to:
1. Log in.
2. Click on the 'submit article' link in the right-hand menu.
3. Read the guidelines. Eye
4. Enter a title, and type (or paste) your article into the body text box.
5. Attach any optional files, eg. MP3 recordings.
6. Submit it. Voila!

So get cracking, SOLOists! Let’s show the world what a hundred geniuses at a hundred keyboards can do!

Best regards,

Andrew Bissell

Editor, SOLO

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Andrew, there should still be a bunch of articles in the Article Queue, posted there from the first week SOLO opened and still lingering there. Have you found them yet?

Ross-Good point about Solo

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Good point about Solo Homo, and yes, matrimony is bliss. When you're getting laid, there is no reason to spend time online merely talking about it.

Don't start offering up the viagra just yet, thrust is still alive. Holidays damn-it!, they consume our time.

If we've solved the problems of FAA regulations, then I must have purchased an uncorrected manuscript of the FAR/AIM 2006.

Jody!?! Defend yourself,

Ross Elliot's picture

Jody!?! Defend yourself, man!

Not being Thrust's mod, I can't speak with any authority, but when SOLO Homo has as many topics and posts as SOLO Thrust & SOLO Sports (both wholly owned subsidiaries of Lechery Incorporated) then you, Herr Perigo, can berate us!

(plus, it's entirely possible that Jody's newly undertaken marital duties have weakened him to the point of sluggishness)

Long live the good ship Thrust and all able seamen who sail in her!

I'm going to have to write

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I'm going to have to write an article detailing the virtues of an Asia Carerra film to defend the honor of the thrusters and get a Man card back aren't I.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

The Thrusters

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I have to say the Thrusters have been a major disappointment to me. After an initial orgy of grunting & strutting they suddenly took fright, covered their tiny members, demanded anonymity & limped away, proving that the homos have more staying power after all. Wimps!


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You can find the thread here:

Michael still posts over on RoR and he and Kat have their own website over at www.objectivistliving.com. Kat still posts here. So for the most part everything is cool.



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"MSK has laughed his last LOLOL, helpfully putting SOLO right on track to meet The Management’s new “Purge One a Month” policy."

Does this mean MSK and Kat are no longer SOLO'ists?  Can someone point me to the thread, if a thread there be, where this happened?

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