Dingo's got our Hone-I wish!

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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Thu, 2007-08-16 09:52

Dingo's got our Hone-I wish!

Sorry I haven't been able to post in the last week, as I've been sick (winter, sigh).

I applaud Margaret Wilson on forcing Hone Harawira to pay back the money he was supposed to use for parliamentary service. But the truth remains that he didn't pay enough. He should be forced to pay back everything. It's true that these taxpayer-funded trips abroad for our MPs are meant to be in the name of service, but politicians are already paid $100,000 in their salary-way too much for the actual work they do. Surely, we shouldn't have to pay for holidays on top of that, even well after MPs have retired-we are still paying for Jim Bolger's holidays!

And why should Hone Harawira be overseas? He is embarrassing enough here in NZ.

If only he was eaten by a dingo.

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interview was predictably all supportive of Mr Harawira's life of dubious, or outright criminal, behaviour...(but it is okay when "Maori Radicals" do it, right kids?).

He rather gave the game away by declaring many Springbok Tour protesters were just out to assault the Police...(gosh, really???) Shocked

Loved Lindsay's comment on the radio "what if they had a documentary about a White Supremacist?" Sticking out tongue ...yes, most amusing.


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dreadful Hone Hawawira fellow is on television tonight, on the 'Sunday' current affairs programme.

No doubt it will be the usual TVNZ sympathetic portrayal... full of illiterate malapropisms and confusing slang terms, along with bizarre justifications for thuggery by "My People".


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