SOLO-USA Press Release: Lessons on Islam from America

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SOLO-USA Press Release: Lessons on Islam from America

***For Immediate Release****

08/15/2007 Irvine, CA, United States

"Islam calls for the destruction of all who do not follow Islam, and in America the fruit of that belief was made painfully clear on September 11th, 2001. The events of that day are but a tiny example of the history of Muslim policy toward 'the West' which the Koran refers to as a holy war. New Zealand has created an entire week to direct Kiwis awareness of the Muslim Religion, an 'awareness' which should include the recognition of the call to violence against non-believers enshrined in all the holy works and writings of Islam." says SOLO-US Coordinator Michael Vardoulis.

"The benevolent and life-affirming nature of 'the West' causes non-Muslim 'Westerners' such as New Zealanders, Australians, Brits, Canadians and Americans to reach out to the 'moderate majority' of Muslims. Like the anti-Semites who do not want to acknowledge the holocaust, many in the West do not want to acknowledge the violent content in Islam's holy works, and most modern interpretations, which call for the death of all those who do not follow Islam. If one is to be truly 'aware' of Islam, one must be honest with the dangers inherent in the religion, in spite of the uniquely western and generous desire to pluralize Muslims into western culture.

The goal of pluralizing and assimilating Muslims into western culture is not an undesirable goal, but one that needs to be pursued with great clarity and care. Muslims who have fought and died in the armed response to the recent vicious jihadist attacks on western civilization, and the Muslims who speak out publicly against the jihadist violence, are sadly still the exception in comparison to the majority who simply do not make such a noble stand for peaceful co-existence with the west. If New Zealanders want to set aside a week to pay special attention to the Muslims in their country as an attempt to incorporate them more seamlessly into New Zealand culture, I hope New Zealanders have no fear of imposing an expectation on Muslim Kiwis of openly renouncing violence in opposition to the jihadism of 'mainstream' Islam.

'Awareness' after all, includes a complete picture from peaceful to violent and all points in between. So please, New Zealand, be 'aware' but also 'beware'."


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