"Favourite Building" reminds architect of 'Atlas Shrugged'

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sat, 2007-08-18 03:52

Flicking through my copy of the latest NZ Home and Entertaining magazine (past all those Homes of the Year posted here earlier) I was rewarded with a pleasant surprise at the inside back page (below).

The winner of H&E's Home of the Decade award for his distinctive Coromandel bach, architect Ken Crosson is invited to select his favourite building, and he shows truly admirable taste by selecting Claude Megson's Wood St townhouses in Freemans Bay [you can see the full article here at my Claude Megson Blog].

He compounds his excellent taste with this splendid observation:

Each unit is an individual, with its own courtyard and different views and a different floor plan and all are spatially rich. The top floors have amazing views of Auckland’s central city — they remind me of the main character in 'Atlas Shrugged,' Dagny Taggart, who is inspired and empowered by the energy of the city.

As you can imagine, Mr Crosson has just shot up enormously in my estimation. Smiling

UPDATE: Speaking of 'Atlas Shrugged,' Onkar Gate of the Objectivist Academic Centre has an online chapter-by-chapter video discussion of 'Atlas' up at the OAC site. Highly recommended! [Hat tip Thrutch]

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I almost moved into this place - the apartment with the precarious balcony. Very funky, breathtaking views, but a little pokey and not terribly waterproof (but then even Wright was guilty of leaky building syndrome!). Despite that, at just $500 p/w it was a bargain - and I would've moved in if my girlfriend hadn't asked me back... Smiling

Nice one, PC... BTW, party for Auckoists being planned as we speak!

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