Lindsay's Radio Editorial, 21 August: Comas, Commies, Clamours and Kiwis

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Audio and text from Lindsay's Radio Pacific Editorial, Tuesday Aug 21:

A few weeks back a Polish railway worker awoke from a 19-year coma, the result of a work accident.

At the time of the accident his country was still languishing under communism. It was drab, repressed, shortage-ridden and miserable. Inflation ran at 2000%.

He awoke to the bright lights and plenty of a free market economy. “The world is prettier now,” he said. "When I went into a coma there was only tea and vinegar in the shops, meat was rationed and huge petrol queues were everywhere."

Now, he is incredulous at the mind-boggling array of goods in supermarkets, and the miracle of cellphones. He wouldn’t be incredulous at Zimbabwe’s current inflation rate of 5000%, or the brutal suppression of freedom going on there. He might be incredulous at the clamour by lunatic hordes in the west, who’ve enjoyed the fruits of freedom all their lives, to repair to Neanderthal socialism.

Hundreds of demonstrators, who’d be shot in their pin-up societies, have just invaded Heathrow Airport with a view to stopping the development of a third runway, some demanding that aeroplanes be consigned altogether to the history books. These spoiled smellies from the middle classes are in thrall to the view that man-made Global Warming is about to destroy the planet, just as their predecessors, and some of them, thought a new Ice Age was upon us a mere thirty years ago. In the name of a fiction they would override a fact—humans have rights.

Two things are urgent in New Zealand—removing this government, which is death by socialism, the slow version, and getting rid of the Greens, who’d be death by socialism, the quick version. Comatose Kiwis need to do what our Polish friend did—wake up. See how far a little freedom took us—and repair to that path before our local Mugabe wannabes take us back to a Polish shipyard.

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