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Submitted by Rick Giles on Fri, 2007-08-24 19:19

A Pakastani pop song is doing rather well just at the moment. Not so much here in the USA, I mean in Pakistan.

yeh.GIFIt's called "Yeh hum naheed" which translates into "We are not that."

[click pic link to Youtube clip]

Though I be a rock fan, I don't find this team effort from Pakistan's top artists unpleasent to listen to. It's even somewhat moving.

Not like that? Not like what? Not like Islamists, that's what.

The music vidio clip features everyday Muslims backing up this message. It is a negative message, telling people "what we are not" from people sick of being tarred with the same brush as extremist Islamofascists.

My first thought was that this was going to be an anti-Western song. I know some of our disgusting cultural degenerate ways (fear not, we Objectivists will save you all...) really grate the people of the Mid-East. Indescent sexuality, invasive advertising, crude music, cinematic mores...

However, it's nothing of that sort, I was mistaken. Interestingly, we Westerners feel no need to apologise for or justify the actions of other Westerners. It's not my fault MacDonalds is making little Muslims fat. It's not my fault the Americans are trashing Iraq. Yet frequently we hypocritical Westerners insist that the collective body of Islamic community-members excuse themselves from their violent name-sakes.

Semi-sane Maori MP, Tariana Turia, wrote to Sense of Life Objectivists' forum a few days ago to say...

"Do you account for your peoples wars or is this normal. You have no right to demand anything of anyone."

Of course we don't. And Turia has had the last word, SOLO gone silent on this one.

Nevertheless, those Turia was addressing have a right to take comfort from this new tune and the movement it represents. Especially so, now that my Objectivist web-forum of choice has appointed Richard Wiig as official staff-member in charge of Jihad watch!

Richard's the only man I know who says that Cat Stephens shares the same goals as terrorists and more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden. I kid you not.

  • Hat tips to CBC: Radio Q [mp3, 19mb]

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    Dirty tricksters

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    It's a triiiiiick! Don't you see? It's just what they want us to believe!

    Dirty tricksters! Let's blow up the stage, rig the mikes to explode. Some musicians we can take alive, for purposes of rendition, so we can find the location of other artists, such as Cat Stephens, and bring them to justice and stop 'Little Mosque On The Prairie' before its second season can air!

    In the spirit of rambling,

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    In the spirit of rambling, mad, paranoia:
    It's a triiiiiick! Don't you see? It's just what they want us to believe!

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