Lindsay's Radio Editorial, 27 August: Hell's Fire Extinguished?

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Audio and text from Lindsay's Radio Pacific Editorial, Monday Aug 27:

Every which way you look freedom of speech is under siege. Scummy little savages, sometimes known as students, masquerading as intellectuals, don’t believe in it, as their reaction to my Islamo-Fascism articles shows; they’d rather destroy property and assault police, as their anarchic behaviour in Dunedin over the weekend shows.

Islamo-Fascists are out to destroy it and make no bones about the fact, as their demo placards such as “To hell with freedom of speech” make clear.

Christians would end it sooner than you could say “Inquisition” given half a chance, as their reaction to the South Park episode lampooning Pope Benedict showed.

The government’s ongoing attempts to shut it down are exemplified in its Electoral Finance Bill.

Now, Jews have it in their sights.

Hell pizza chain is removing its billboards of Hitler saluting with a pizza slice after complaints from "the Jewish community."

The National Socialist pin-up is shown in a Heil Hitler salute with pizza in his hand, next to his words: "It is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell."

Great quote. Great lesson. Except apparently for some Jews who’ve forgotten that we fought Hitler to protect the very freedom of speech that would protect against evil state propaganda.

The Hitler billboard in Christchurch's Lincoln Road has been replaced with another one in the chain's famous-quotes campaign—Pope Benedict saying, "Hell is real and eternal."

What happens now? Another complaint from the Catholics?

Shame on Hell Pizza for capitulating. Shame on those Jews who seem to agree with their arch-enemies the Islamo-Fascists that there IS such a thing as a right NOT to be offended.

To paraphrase Jefferson—a plague on EVERY form of tyranny over the minds of men.

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