Wendy McElroy Celebrates "The Woman - Ayn Rand"

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Mon, 2007-08-27 21:15

Libertarian feminist Wendy McElroy has recently added a new section to her website (look on the left side), as she puts it, "to celebrate 'The Woman -- Ayn Rand.'"

One of the treats to be found there is a link to the movie clip of Roark's courtroom speech from 'The Fountainhead.' As McElroy observes (in more polite language), Gary Cooper as Howard Roark simply sucks -- but, then... why is it still so compelling to me?

Also to be found is her sane review of PARC. Despite our differences, she remains one of the most rational voices out there on the subject of Ayn Rand and always worth checking out.

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Still ahead of her time, unfortunately.

I'll have to...

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take your word on the Nine Inch Nails number Casey. I honestly couldn't even make out the words - let alone the glorious metaphors. Smiling

What you said about Rand leap frogging the whole feminist movement is dead true. What an incredible amount of sheer guts she displays in writing sex that way, at that time. Very raw and powerful - not to mention hot. Another testament to the strength of her conviction of being undoubtedly and unashamedly right.


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I read that, too, and found it very interesting. Amazing how the song I posted on the other thread by Nine Inch Nails uses many of the same metaphors Rand used in her sex scenes! I had forgotten how precisely similar was the raw, unabashed sexuality of Rand's views. A little ahead of her time in those regards, leapfrogging the whole sexual revolution even as most feminists have taken a giant leap backwards into puritan prudery so that they now sound like the most repressed conservatives. Wow.

Good site James.

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Wendy McElroy also has one of the best essays on a Rand heroine's sexuality. The finer distinctions between rough sex and rape regarding Roarke and Dominique, Reardon and Dagny. Very interesting perspective coming from a feminist - especially one who is no stranger to sexual violence. Very worth reading.


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Of interest, Brian Doherty has a much more sympathetic take on Rand's work than one will find in his recent history of the libertarian movement. There is no suggestion that 'Atlas' may have been written out of "hate," for example.

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