Calling all Auckland SOLOists

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Submitted by Jameson on Wed, 2007-08-29 01:57

With so many new SOLOists popping out of the Auckland woodwork, it's high time we met face-to-face.

Ken Riddle has kindly offered us his place this Friday night (known as the Libz drinking room: 45A View Road, Mt Eden) a home designed by the talented Peter Cresswell, who will be mixing rocket fuel and olives for the thirsty and giving free lectures for those hungry to know more about his architectural genius.

Who's in?


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... and, Emma Kathryn...

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we'll see you at the next bash - promise? Smiling

Lovely evening, indeed...

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Thanks to one and all for making Friday night. Thanks especially, Ken esquire, and all you delightful Libz, for letting us crash your soirée. Cheers, PC, for the nitro mixes. Splendid to meet you, Elijah. Spectacular antipasto platter, Claudia. Not enough face time, Carol, Sam, Kas and Shand, but we'll see you soon for dinner at the new villa. Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling


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It was good to meet you too. I did actually introduce you to Kasper - he would've remembered you had you been a pretty female. Smiling

Thanks Peter for your heart warming martinis once again, and thanks Ken Doll for providing such a great place for us all to enjoy the evening. There were some rather... er... interesting people there weren't there!


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ha Kasper...I was the chap wearing a suit.

The nibbles were rather nice.


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I'm glad my martinis were so richly enjoyed.

I'm sure reports of bubonic plague this morning are somewhat overstated. Smiling

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

* * * *

**Setting Brushfires In People's Minds**

**Integrating Architecture With Your Site**

Thank you.

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Elijah I either didn't see you or didnt notice you there.

Ken thank you again for offering your beautiful home to host a gathering. Peter your martini's are awesome! Whoa, what did you guys think of that anti-pasto. Yummy!!!!!!!!


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You to everyone for a splendid evening!! Smiling

I greatly enjoyed myself and can attest to Peter Cresswell being a dab hand at martini making. Sticking out tongue

It was pleasant talking to people in person and putting 'a face to the name' with so many of you.

I did feel I was somewhat 'overdressed' Sticking out tongue...(rather to my surprise) but I am sure no one noticed.

One thing which struck me is the lifelong committment to libertarian ideals of a number of people, no compromising over the years when socialist governments and fascist councils had whipped the rest of the populace into line.

Now all we need to do is quadruple the numbers... Eye

Podcast plea

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Re talking Kiwi Objectivist's an interesting primer...

Police training lessons in morality are being laughed off by officers as hypocritical and a waste of time.


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I never could stomach alcohol, though I'm sure Mr. Cresswell has a P.h.D. in Martini creation. (wine cooler's are as close as I get to drinking anything with alcohol in it, if ever). A very mild narcotic would be my preference. But that's all neither here nor there since I can't make it anyhow Sad Will there be fussball and/or air hockey?

But you must, Emma...

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Even for just one of Cresswell's magnificent Martinis... (it's all you'll need to set you right for the whole weekend). Smiling

If any of you JAFAS are able

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If any of you JAFAS are able to record yourselves it is possible we might score some podcasting material out of this. Even a little.

45A View Road, Mt Eden

I don't know if you have to put the man's address on the world wide web. Some anti-libertarian might decide his moment of revenge has come. Ken's only got so many houses to fall back on.

So tempted..

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May be coming - have a meeting earlier that day though, that may potentially be running late. I'll keep in touch Eye


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meant to ask...

What time?


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trying to get me in trouble Eye


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Yes to both Smiling


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I think he means he suspects you are a lesbian Sticking out tongue


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Hell, even Claudia is bringing some women!

Did you mean "Hell, Claudia is even bringing some women!!?"


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I wish I were in Auckland. Nope, I'm just a Yank up here in Kalispell, Montana, for now. Sounds like the meeting will be thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable. Hell, even Claudia is bringing some women! Man, I need to get out more...


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Count me in too.

I should point out that anyone bringing their preferred gin or vodka, and perhaps a sophisticated nibble or two, will be treated with the greatest respect. Smiling

Cheers, Peter Cresswell


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me in.

Do you want me to bring anything? ...(apart from my smile, that is) Sticking out tongue

Why can't you?

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Are you in Auckland, Erik?

Onya, Claudia! Smiling


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Damn, wish I could go.


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And I'll do my best to bring along a couple of non-objectobabes... but ones that I've nearly converted. Smiling

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