Helen Clark and Muldoon

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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Wed, 2007-08-29 09:09

I simply can't disagree with Mike Moore- once a Labour PM himself for a short time- in his recent statements about Helen Clark looking more and more like Robert Muldoon, who was essentially her equivalent on the Right (at least, the Social Right anyway).

As I've stated before, Labour is desperate, and in the latest poll was 20% behind National. Labour clearly need to get votes, and fast. Helen Clark is not one to let political "information" about her opponents get past without her exaggerating it, sometimes to the point of an out-and-out lie. That's why she's gathering up all available information about John Key that she can get. Luckily, this strike on John Key (just like the attack on Don Brash during the Exclusive Brethren issue) is very transparent, wreaks of desperation, and not making a positive impact for Labour, at all. Many a time, it should not be an issue at all. One of the most prominent attacks made by Labour was about John Key having a different position on the Iraq War now than at the start, in 2003. Someone needs to tell Labour that it's a rather futile political action to accuse people of changing their minds, over the course of four years.

Isn't it just lovely how Labour is putting the nails in its own coffin?

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yes, Jameson, entirely agree with you.

The Muldoon Government was by far the worst in our history and Sir Robert Jones is to be eternally applauded.
Indeed, the only time my Mother ever voted was in 1984 for Jones..(actually, it was for Heather Roy's husband who was the local candidate).

I was referring to the Muldoon prior to entering Parliament, and how widely and highly regarded he was, and how many who knew him 50 years ago could never reconcile their experience of him with the Prime Minister he became.

I was also pointing out this elderly businessman (along with many other clients of Rob Muldoon Accountant) just left all the finances to him....where he was handling huge amounts of cash each week, to pay staff and suppliers before depositing the rest in the bank.
Even skimming 1 shilling per client per week would have added up after a while Sticking out tongue ...no one would ever have known (as they did not have electronic till receipts)...yet it never happened

Rob Muldoon before he robs you

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Elijah: "... never any suggestion of 'funny business'... No skimming, no short counts, no irregularities of any sort..never...not once...everything accurate to the penny."

... Except for the 10 billion he ripped off the "little people" to pay for his ravenous white elephants.

During the dark Muldoon years his government accounted for nearly half of the country's economic activity, he froze wages, enforced carless days. He had a grip around the neck of free enterprise, choked growth and skimmed 66 cents off the top of every dollar earned. The age of Muldoon is captured in those insipid 1970s flim clips - all washed out, drained of life.

My admiration goes to Bob Jones for taking the fucker out.

Got me thinking, this

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See tomorrow's editorial. Smiling


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do not have any respect for the Muldoon Government, but do respect his conduct prior to entering politics.

I know a couple of (very elderly) businessmen who had Muldoon as their accountant in the 1950s.

He used to undertake the paying of their company bills...handling large amounts of cash, and paying suppliers in cash, yet never any suggestion of 'funny business'.
No skimming, no short counts, no irregularities of any sort..never...not once...everything accurate to the penny.

Rather admire him for that...and, indeed, a lot of people round Auckland speak highly of him during that period, and cannot equate the Muldoon 1950s Chartered Accountant with Rob Muldoon lunatic Prime Minister.

Not a Drop

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I have a huge amount of respect for Sir Robert.


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perhaps we should thank the old bastard for driving us to the brink of insolvency, which inadvertently forced the new left-wing government to sell off most of our state-owned assets. Smiling


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As I recall, under Muldoon’s drunken regime, my dad was paying 66% income tax. Rob was more of a socialist than Clark and Cullen put together! And, Sandi, have you forgotten how close THINK BIG brought New Zealand to bankruptcy?

All he was good for was the stinging one liner...

My favourite was when Donna Awatere (in her pre-right wing "kill a white today" phase) ambushed the opening of a Fisher & Paykel factory, grabbing the microphone and protesting that all their washing machines and fridges (that were lined up on the stage) were white - just like the honky oppressors.

Muldoon waited till she finished her tirade then calmly took back the microphone and wandered over to a washing machine.

"Yes, Ms Awatere, you're quite right, these machines are indeed all white." He opened the lid and continued, "But if you look inside, you'll note that the agitator is black."


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PC, I don't know if Sandi was drinking when she wrote it but but it drove me to drink after I read it. Cool



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It may be only midday here in NZ, but I really hope Sandi was drinking when she posted that. :-/

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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I most emphatically disagree

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I most emphatically disagree with Mike Moore – dick head.

SIR Robert Muldoon has more class, intellect and integrity than Helen Clark would have in a pimple on her red arse.

Love him or hate him, Sir Robert would call a spade a bloody spade and he was undoubtedly a true leader. A leader of such great calibre, that this country has not seen, since his departure from politics. Sir Robert could make a journalist soil his pants and then wipe his face with them.
Compare this to Helen's continual patronising, appeasement and indecision. (The anti-smacking bill is a classic example).

Helen Clark leaves a legacy trail of theft, corruption and unprecedented regulation. (I would like to leave this paragraph open for anyone to add to the list of filth that this woman has propagated).

As for Sir Robert Muldoon? What was his crime?

It was to T H I N K B I G.

Mike Moore, a trade unionist and Nuclear Free NZ advocate. This statement from him is a complete insult to the National Party and is so utterly outrageous, that it highlights two very important points.

1: He is a total moron OR

2: He is propping up Comrade Klark to liken her one of greatest leaders, New Zealand has ever known.

This statement absolutely disgusts me!!



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defence of Sir Robert Muldoon...

In 1975 as Opposition Leader he was in a sleepy, boring, provincial Country.

A general election was approaching and totally devoid of any issues (or certainly none which would change a Government).

Sir Robert did what anyone with half a brain (except Labour Opposition Leaders) would do Sticking out tongue....he simply created issues Sticking out tongue

No crises were taking place....so he invented 3 or 4 of them Eye and terrified the voting population about the consequences of these (quite imaginary) Sticking out tongue crises if he was not elected to deal with them.

It was all nonsense as he just made it all up as he went along Sticking out tongue but his strategy worked magnificently...a testament to the underlying gullibility of NZ voters, and that is politics.

The SIS claim is rubbish, an urban myth which is not easily disproven.
The head of the SIS being given a list of names by a Prime Minister, told to 'dig up dirt' and actually doing so, is about as likely as a Prime Minister ordering the Police Commissioner to have someone shot and that being carried out.

It simply never happened.


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good on Mike Moore! Sticking out tongue ...stick the knife in whilst claiming that was never your intention Sticking out tongue

Moore has been around 35 years and knows the score.
He knows that the best thing would be for his party to lose next year, and the worst thing would be to win.

A loss means one of 'his' people will take over and be well placed for 2011.

A win means having to deal with a major recession some of us can see on the horizon.

I am absolutely loving the

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I am absolutely loving the amount of coverage this is getting in the media. Helen is refusing to discuss it and is getting rather snippy about the whole thing. I think Mike Moore's comments are going to have much more impact than he perhaps thought. She needs to be presented as the paranoid sociopath that she is.

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