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Is God making a come-back as a topic for Objectivists? I guess the answer is “yes” if one judges by the latest issue of JARS. Two articles are devoted to the topic and both find Objectivist thinkers wanting. The main charges seem to be (1) that we are out of touch with the latest developments in the field; and (2) that the standard arguments employed or endorsed by Objectivists are either instances of beggining the question or straw man.

Stephen E. Parrish is the author of “God and Objectivism” while Patrick Toner titles his piece, “Objectivist Atheology.” I think both of these guys would be happy to consider Objectivists up to date if they read some of the current (and not so current) literature on the topic. If one had to name the man who almost single handedly reinvigorated a field that had been moribund since Kant put a stake in its heart (gotta love that Kant--tee hee) it would be Alvin Plantinga and his 1967 work GOD AND OTHER MINDS. So if you want to fight a flesh man instead of a straw man, check him out.

And if you need some intellectual ammunition for our side, let me mention two book by former collegues of mine, both of whom are also cited by Parrish. The first is Richard Gale’s 1991 ON THE EXISTENCE AND NATURE OF GOD from Cambridge. I really loved this guy and hated the day he retired from Pitt. He had a picture of the Three Stooges in his office and was a devoted lover of Verdi. How’s that for a combination.

The second is Ted Drange’s 1998 NONBELIEF AND EVIL from Prometheus Books. Ted was my secretary-treasurer at the West Virginia Philosophical Society from 1988 until he retired in 2000. He was always giving speeches at the West Virginia Philosophical Soceity for atheism while I was doing the same for Rand. SOLOists should really enjoy both of these books. They have a level of sophistication to satisfy even the most astute SOLOist. Enjoy folks.


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Read His Book

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If anyone here has not yet bought Hitchens' book, "God Is Not Great", then I'm here to say, just do it. Do it now.

Christopher Hitchens interviewed about letters.

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Very interesting interview with Christopher Hitchens on youtube about Iraq, Iran, and Mother Teresa letters on the Hugh Hewitt Radio show last Wednesday, August 29, 2007. Audio only.


Ugh that Bill Donahue is

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Ugh that Bill Donahue is just.... ugh. Compare the calm and direct Hitchens, with his beautiful deep voice, resonating from all the right places; to that maniacally grinning idiot Donahue, with his squeaky, giggly, screaming, constricted and altogether irritating voice.

And lo, a sensible comment on youtube (who'd have thought):

"Teresa's doubts have only enhanced her stature in the eyes of the Church, having been interpreted as a further evidence of God's grace.

Ask yourself, when even the doubts of experts are thought to confirm a doctrine, what could possibly disconfirm it?

Sam Harris."

Mother Teresa Letters.

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Here is Hardball on MSNBC with Christopher Hitchens and Bill Donohue arguing about the new quotes as given by Linz from her published letters.


Also Christopher Hitchens has written an article about the letters in Newsweek.

"I say it as calmly as I can—the Church should have had the elementary decency to let the earth lie lightly on this troubled and miserable lady, and not to invoke her long anguish to recruit the credulous to a blind faith in which she herself had long ceased to believe."



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You tease. What did the old bitch say in her letters? Pick the worst and share.


One would hope ...

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... God has been dealt a hellish blow with Mother Teresa's letters having come to light. "... the silence and the emptiness is so great, that I look and do not see, — Listen and do not hear — the tongue moves but does not speak ..."

'Cos there's no one there dear! Smiling

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