Are you a 'naughty little scamp'?

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sun, 2007-09-02 23:53

One thing I find quite common with Libertarians or Objectivists (and in many other areas of life) is they feel they are engaging in something which is not quite 'legitimate'. Eye

These people seem to consider the textbook Socialism to be the 'Standard' by which everything else is measured, and being a Libertarian or Objectivist makes them feel like a 'naughty little scamp'. Sticking out tongue

A lot of people do not consider WE are the standard Laughing out loud...(and everyone else is either stupid or ignorant and require 'saving').

They do not 'really' accept that liberty and capitalism reigned unfettered for a very long period of time, until Socialism became fashionable in the 20th Century and took over the creation of axioms.

Concepts like 'Greed', 'Selfishness', 'Profits', 'Hierachy' are simply "in the book" so they repeat them as Mantra but they do not really Eye believe them...and feel a naughty little scamp when they even say the words.

It seems to be some kind of modern day libertarian (as opposed to Anarchist) version of Rik from 'The Young Ones', where they can say "Look how radical I am because I am an objectivist" Sticking out tongue

I am different Laughing out loud

I consider that we are the standard (with history on our side) and everything else is a deviation of our axiomatic ideals.

My entire life has had a view of the World which is very capitalist and libertarian, where Socialist policies by Government is evidence of how 'backward' we are, and how low we are sinking from the high Standard 'we' had set during the Centuries.

Some understandably unsophisticated instincts as a boy were merely confirmed by reading Ayn Rand books, along with books in a similar vein by William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Sir Robert Jones, Milton Friedman and many others...(and quite a relief I did not need to change the World entirely on my own!)

I had no 'Road to Damascus'...I am not 'playing' at anything...I am not engaging in radical or fashionable behaviour. Smiling

Now, being a fair minded sort of chap, I can fully understand these quasi attitudes...afterall the public education system, popular culture, socialist Governments, Charles Dickens novels, political correctness, religion and other forms of mind control run very deep....and many people do not possess the level of 'self confidence' Eye I have. Sticking out tongue

I am, however, aghast at the attacks which follow perfectly reasonable comments made on here by myself and many others.

As soon as an opinion deviates from the "Socialist Standard" all hell seems to break loose...people have a sudden attack of "Naughty Little Scamp-ism" which engulfs them, causes hyperventilating, hives breaking out, sweating and their thin veneer fades.

The inevitable (and hilarious) result of this is a paradox of...

Naughty Little Scamp: "I am a card carrying Objectivist and Capitalist and Libertarian so there! but what you are saying is outrageously un-politically correct and does not fit with the Socialist Standard"

Elijah replies: "But what about freedom of speech, Capitalism, Liberty and several hundred years of history?" Eye Sticking out tongue

Naughty Little Scamp: "what you are saying is horrible, but irrefutable and I cannot refute it so f**k you! you f**king A***hole C**t"

I find it rather lamentable.

I have therefore decided to hand out "Naughty Little Scamp" badges, and issue 'fines' to the worst offenders! Sticking out tongue

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I think...

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for Kenny, naughty little scamp is too kind.

He appeases Ahmadinjedad...
He pimps on Tim Sturm...
He shits on Linz...
He writes off Solo...
He sounds like Phyllis.

Grievous offenses each one of them that go way beyond naughty!


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think it is time to hand out some badges...(remiss of me not to have done so before now).

1. Worst Offender: Kenny

2. Close Second: Mr Visconti

I hereby fine both of you $1000 NZD...(which you should donate to the Libertarianz party)


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I think you have something there. The Socialists have been very successful in taking the moral high ground, and I too get the impression that many libertarians etc are afraid to really get stuck in because their opinions may cause offence or something.

It is crucial when arguing with a Socialist that you don't allow them that moral high ground.

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