The Source of All Evil(not safe for work, school, or your current relationship)

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Often discussed, but only the Bible got it right; women. They were the downfall of mankind, and continue to be the downfall of individual men. Why is this? Why is it that a nice ass, and/or some nice tits hamper our ability to think rationally? What are the things you love about women, and what are the things you find unequivocally(with a wink) evil about them?

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She smiled at me, once

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9 years ago, I was backpacking through Europe. I was walking through Hyde Park (London area) when, wouldn't you know it, the woman captured in the photo above came up jogging -- accompanied by a jogging male that appeared to me to be a bodyguard.

It wasn't me she was after, she was having a jog in the park. But she did recognize that I recognized her -- and she smiled one of those smiles, you know the ones. Ever since then, our ways have parted though. Actually, let me be frank: I never saw the woman again. But like I can also say about Vanna White -- she smiled at me, once.

I actually don't like Ms. Kidman, though I'm not quite sure if I would kick her out of bed for eating cookies (I'm sorry! I just realized that that old phrase now has 2 meanings! And I DIDN'T MEAN the REALLY dirty one!).

I actually agree with atlascott's impression of her.


Kubrick did have quite the

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Kubrick did have quite the eye for composition, dinnhe.

Jesus Christ Scott, can't

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Jesus Christ Scott, can't you leave me be with my delusions that Nichole is a well integrated objectivist!

Is she really into the scientology crap? I thought that was just her ex-hubby.

Darling Nicole

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Sometimes, I think she looks beautiful, sometimes, she has rather a demented look on her face.  She also has a five head (one bigger than a forehead...)

Her ass ought to be just a tad rounder (it is a tad flat) but her breasts appear to be spectacular.

She is basically a knockout.  But she is a Scientologist, so that puts her in the Angelina Jolie "Smoking Hot But Friggin Crazy" category.

"True love is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend..."


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Actually, Linz's ass is the reason I'm not John Galt.

... Gah! What am I doing? That belongs on SOLO Homo, not SOLO Thrust!

If you have a feminazi

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If you have a feminazi impulse, then state it. Not sure I understand your question though.

I know contribiting to any

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I know contribiting to any obectiveist website means having to control my feminnazi implises-- but is my ass really the reason you're not John Galt?


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Ah women! I love them just for  the reasons you mentioned, and dislike them for the reasons you mention. I'm glad I have my Andrea.

"Women, they make the highs higer and the lows more frequent." posted by George Codero

"Only when you find yourself more frequently at the lower end of a woman, do the highs get higher."- heh heh heh

Heh, this thread just

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Heh, this thread just reminded me of a great line from As Good As it Gets.

The main character, an author played by Jack Nicholson, is about to leave his publisher's office when the attractive but ditzy secretary is overcome with fanatical devotion, proclaims her love for his work, and asks, "How do you write women so well?" Nicholson replies, "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."

Jody, LOLOLOL - perfect.

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Jody, LOLOLOL - perfect.

To all of you who recognized

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To all of you who recognized Nichole from not much more than her ass, my hat is off to you. Speaking of hats, maybe we can one-up that phunny Stoly and come up with a distinctive hat for SoloThrust.

Sorry about that work bit, I've now put a disclaimer on the description page of SoloThrust!

Nichole might consider your remarks somewhat stalk-ish! Next time she's over for a booty-call, I'll ask her.

shame on you for posting a

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shame on you for posting a pic of my wife on an internet forum Jody!!

Let's face it, sexual

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Let's face it, sexual attraction is at the core of our view of women. We imagine (if only briefly, sometimes) having sex with every woman we are attracted to - the mere site of a beautiful woman can stimulate blood flow to the penis! A part of us would like to have sex with as many beautiful women as possible throughout our lifetime.

Some among us - the Hugh Heffners, pro athletes, rock stars etc - have the opportunity to indulge this fantasy and act on that opportunity. Theirs is basically a hedonistic code.

It is only through a heirarchy of proper values that men can pursue a monogomous and exclusive relationship. A woman we find physically atrractive but who also bonds with us spiritually is rare. That is why true romantic love is to be cherished.

The ultimate test of any woman is how you psychologically feel with her after orgasm. At that moment, the hormonal lust that was driving your behavior is gone, and all you're left with is her mind and character. It's either a feeling of pure comfort and satisfaction, or some form of guilt or unfulfillment.

Here's a hypothetical question, though: if modern science somehow totally eliminated all risk of STD's and pregnancy...would your views on sex and relationships change?

Women, the pros and the cons

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Why, it's Nicole Kidman (I think), quite possibly the hottest actress in Hollywood and my top pick for Dagny Taggart when Atlas Shrugged gets produced, although she will probably be too old for the part when that happens sometime in the 23rd century. *She* was about the only good thing to come out of the incoherent mess that was Eyes Wide Shut.

(Some of) The things I love about women:

* They're raunchier than men. Yes, I'm serious! I really respect and admire (and aspire to) sexual frankness, and it's actually something I've encountered much more often in women.

* A delight for the senses (at least, the ones I pay any attention to anyway): smooth, svelte, and alluring in just about every way imaginable. Hair in particular is one significant turn-on of mine. My eyes were at first drawn to the nipple in the above photos, just because of the taboo of it, but now I find my gaze drifting inexorably to those gorgeous red curls. And don't get me started on the power of a good perfume.

* Their capacity for kindness. Every now and then, I notice women do the most remarkable things for those close to them, and sometimes even those who aren't so close. The girlfriend of a friend of mine, who was really just a casual friend, once baked me a cake for my birthday, an example of the tremendous benevolence I see every now and then from the fairer sex.

* The way just seeing a beautiful woman can restore the luster to an otherwise dismal day.

The unequivocally evil things:

* Their tolerance for disrespect. Lots of women can be cheated on, humiliatingly dumped, or even simply brushed aside, and they take it as a reason to come crawling back for more. Their promises to settle down with a "nice guy" usually go unfulfilled, which is all right because "nice guy" really means "loser." But what they really mean is that they want a man who respects them, a desire belied by their willingness to put mistreatment in the "plus" column when evaluating them.

* Their caginess and duplicity. Good luck getting most women to tell you how they really feel without persistent and significant poking, prodding, and cajoling. If they're going to let you down, many of them will wait until the last possible moment to tell you.

Dunno ...

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... but I could ask my boss, who walked past as I opened it up. Must be more careful with SOLO Thrust posts Smiling

Looks like Nicole Kidman.

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Looks like Nicole Kidman.

That was a great article

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That was a great article Duncan. One of my favorites.

Bonus points to the first

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Bonus points to the first one here who can identify the woman above.

Something I've noticed ...

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Something I've noticed is that women can get me to do just about anything by asking nicely. There's something about my psychology whereby I simply enjoy doing things that make women happy.

Which brings to mind an old SOLO post ... hang on ...

A Beautiful Woman as Spiritual Fuel

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