SOLO Press Release—Public Health Care Is the Root of All Tyranny

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Submitted by Lance on Tue, 2007-09-04 05:07

SOLO Press Release: Public Health Care Is The Root of All Tyranny

Well, not all tyranny, but it is at the root of some of the most totalitarian legislation and the New Zealand government's most pervasive interference in our lives recently, says SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists) spokesman Lance Davey.

“Let me make something explicitly clear, something that should be obvious, but seems to be forgotten by most people in New Zealand. It is this: You OWN your body, you OWN your life, your life is yours, it is YOURS to dispose of as YOU please. It was not given to you by God, the public, the Earth, or the state. Your life was NEVER anyone else's to give to you,” says Davey.

“Bearing that in mind, why are we allowing the government to say what we can, cannot, should and MUST put in our bodies? Why are we allowing the government to force medicate us with folate? Why are we allowing the government to label our food with kindergarten level 'traffic light' charts? Why recently did Labour and the Greens consider making workplaces 'water only'? Why are they trying to make us stop smoking? Why can't I smoke marijuana, eat psilocybin mushrooms, take BZP-based stimulants or writhe maniacally in an abandoned warehouse high on ecstasy and listening to a cacophony of noise until my ears bleed? WHY? When you acknowledge that an individual owns his own life, and that it is his property, to do with as he pleases, there is NO justifiable reason. For the state to do all those things above and more is criminal; they are assuming ownership of YOUR life. It is THEFT!

“So why the hell ARE we letting them do it? Because in New Zealand you DON'T have exclusive ownership of your life. In New Zealand, the government, using money confiscated from every other taxpayer and citizen, considers itself a shareholder in your life. As such it considers consider your body to be its property. The state, by assuming responsibility and cost for your health care, assumes ownership of your body. Now if that idea isn't repugnant to you, perhaps we are in even worse shape than I thought.

“The worst part is that there is no great conspiracy behind this, there is no single evil person or group we can confront and cry 'Stop!' to. No one is out to get us. It is just the rationalized progression, one step at a time until we are all doing compulsory calisthenics and eating a mandatory macrobiotic diet, of the idea that anybody or anything else can own another human being.”


Lance Davey

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I became a libertarian

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I became a libertarian because of cycle helmet laws


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Now the most read health headline on Scoop
Surrounded by anti-smoking headlines from Communiquenz and the OTCC.

"If you are going to be in

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"If you are going to be in the system, you can't choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK."

And people who have never learned to critically think will say "Well what a good idea, think of how much preventable illness this would cure because blah blah blah waffles".

John Edwards

Breck Girl

John Edwards (the Breck Girl as he is known in the US) wants to have mandatory preventative care in his version of socialized medicine. How this will be enforced one can only imagine!


Awesome, second most read

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Awesome, second most read Health headline on Scoop

Bloody brilliant op-ed

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Bloody brilliant op-ed Lance! I plastered it up all over FaceBook, where it might hit home, such as the FaceBook NORML group, and various NZ libertarian groups.

Looking forward to more of this. Smiling



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"The problem is this shit gets you so angry, you want to do something, but if you go out and yell about it you're passed off as a loon. But if you try and inform people in a polite manner the fucking sheep either don't care,"

Too bloody right, mate. It's interesting though how many people do actually have an opinion if you provoke them in the right manner. Then again, so many couldn't care less or just don't understand.

It's the ones who don't care less who infuriate me the most. Those who understand the basic issue but don't want to talk about it because they may have to debate something or get off-side with someone, or worst of all, offend someone!

A few thoughts

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The sad thing is that these people are elected by a majority vote. So as usual 'might makes right' instead of right makes right. This is why Constitutional Republics that delineate the proper role of government are an absolute necessity to securing an institution that stands as the vanguard of liberty. Nations all over the globe need more US Constitutions and 'Constitution for New Freeland'. Democracy is the new sheik of the 21st century. I am sick ad nauseaum of hearing about the splendor of democracies!-they're evil. The 17th Amendment of the US Constitution dealt a major blow to our Republic. It is precisely this mob rule mentality of collectivism via pure democracy which is voting away freedom at a frightening pace, thus allowing socialized medicine to rear its ugly and incompetent head. Ultimately individuals need to have a philosophy based on reason if there is to be a tide of change for the better. Ayn Rand was right when she said,"Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics - a rational ethics - as a precondition of rebirth." John Edwards is a sick f**k, not even North Korea mandates hospital visits!

Democrat Presidential

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Democrat Presidential candidate John Edwards says that if elected he will introduce legislation REQUIRING (aka forcing) everyone to be seen by a doctor at least annually.

Who the fuck do these people think they are? Honestly, how do they work? Do they know just how fucking rotten they are? Or do they really believe that they are some kind of hero for the people and we should all be kissing their feet? Jeeeezus this gets me riled!

The problem is this shit gets you so angry, you want to do something, but if you go out and yell about it you're passed off as a loon. But if you try and inform people in a polite manner the fucking sheep either don't care, or if they are university students, try to tell you some irrelevant fucking story about a small village and a money lender, which gets a blank stare from me and off I go.

But it's all you can do isn't it? You have to go out, find this scum, hold them up for everyone to see and tell them just why they are scum. Just why they are the incarnation of pure fucking evil. And that's what I plan to do. Every goddamnsonofabitching day! I am absolutely sick of this crap, it makes me fucking weep! Get these thundercunts off my planet!

Healthcare 9-1-1

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Here in America healthcare and education are both fast becoming more and more socialized, hand in hand they are being destroyed by collectivism. The entitlement mentality has poisoned so many minds the world over. Democrat Presidential candidate John Edwards says that if elected he will introduce legislation REQUIRING (aka forcing) everyone to be seen by a doctor at least annually. The philosophy of Objectivism, now more then ever, is needed to be able to counter this socialistic plunge into a modern day dark ages of serfdom, mysticism, and irrationality. Imagine if you will, where the present state of the USA and the free world would be if Ayn Rand and Objectivism never came about?-I shudder to think of it. Objectivism, on so many levels, has kept the American Dream alive for so many here and throughout the world. I hope that you Kiwi's who value reason, individual rights, and laissez-faire capitalism can stop this plunge into a total socialized medical quagmire. We're holding on here in the USA, barely.

For anyone who is unaware of

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For anyone who is unaware of the mandatory addition of folate to bread

"Health Minister Annette King describes the decision as a triumph for humanity and common sense."

" "We are pleased that the Minister has not slavishly followed Australia, and required folate to be added to all flour, and has instead come up with a New Zealand based solution - of adding folate during the bread making process," says Health spokeswoman Sue Kedgley."


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ha Lance Sticking out tongue ...I could make some observations, but feel perhaps I had better not (in view of recent hysteria)

Philip Morris study finds smoking is A OK

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It's an old story, but a few years back a PM commissioned study found that smoking benefits the economy.

"Economic drawbacks in the form of health-care and other smoking- related costs were admitted. These, however, are allegedly overshadowed by the cost benefit of early deaths of smokers plus the tax-take on tobacco."


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a very good point, Matty.

We need to abolish the tax on the cigarettes, and make him get medical insurance.

But Lance...

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Even if we forget for a second that we're against public health care and just humor his argument for a second. Cigarettes are (as you pointed out a day or two ago) taxed. They are taxed disproportionately I might add. The amount that the government takes in through smoking tax far outweighs the amount of tax money spent on treating smokers for smoking related illnesses.

He's not paying for your health care, you're paying for his roads.

I wrote this this morning

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I wrote this this morning after an encounter with a chap (who had the puckered up sour face of the eternally self righteous) who asked "Oooer, why should my taxes have to pay for your cancer treatment if you get sick from smoking?".
After helping him up from the ground, where he lay with a calligraphic L freshly imprinted on his left temple (okay I made that bit up, but by gods I wanted to hit him), I thought gosh, he has asked the right question, but for all the wrong reasons. Then it dawned on me that people are starting to think that way, they think that because they pay tax, and tax pays for public health care, they have a right to make sure you are 'healthy'. They see nothing wrong in what the government is doing.


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medicine really does make a difference.

A chap can pop into Ascot Hospital, get treated by the best Doctors and Nurses ...(who are New Zealand medical people NOT working in Sydney)...and it is like a glorified 4 Star hotel, even for minor matters.

I was particularly impressed at the Chinese cleaning lady happily popping out to put some more money in the parking meter a couple of weeks back.

It really is a joy to go there each Thursday. Laughing out loud

Contrast that with the ghastly Auckland Public hospital...eeekkkk...full of probing questions, snotty foreigner staffers, poor people with diseases caused by alcohol and takeaways.
On both occasions I was forced to go in there (despite my supposed 'rights') I had a student nurse 'practising' on me...(an horrific experience not for the faint hearted!).

For all this a chap is meant to feel some sort of 'gratitude' at how fortunate we are to have a Public Hospital. Barf!

The sooner we privatise the health system and make all these people 'earn' their excessive wages, the better.

P.J. O'Rourke put this so eloquently…

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When he delivered his Liberty Manifesto speech to the Cato Institute:

“…The right to education, the right to healthcare, the right to food and housing...That's not freedom. That's dependency.” 

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