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TWO OF THE BRAVEST AND most controversial figures of our times are former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Danish newspaper editor Flemming Rose. As editor of The Free Radical, I'm enormously proud to publish interviews with both of these inspirational heroes.

Hirsi Ali (pictured above on that striking cover) outlines why she damns Islam, and why nonetheless the Muslim world can achieve an enlightenment of ideas in far less time that it took the West -- and Flemming Rose tells Lindsay Perigo about the lessons learned from his commissioning the series of Danish cartoons that sent Islamists berserk, and moral relativists running for cover.

These two interviews kick off an issue that infidels everywhere need to have on their coffee table, in their briefcase, and in their gift bags to business and personal friends. Just look what's on offer inside the 'Infidels' issue:

* AS IT BECOMES increasingly clear that global warming skeptics are made infidels not so much for their scepticism of the threadbare warmist science but more for their refusal to accept the warmist political agenda, The Free Radical asks: What would a freedom-lover do about global warming? How could a freedom-lover use contemporary hysteria to drive the debate upwards to freedom, instead of down towards the ant heap of totalitarianism?
* WHAT WOULD AYN Rand's "Party X" do in opposition to today's environmental hysteria? In seven punches to the green jaw, we show that capturing the debate for freedom need not be difficult if you know a little judo. As Bernard Darnton explains, socialism and central planning are unworkable at seventeen degrees. What makes anyone think things will be different at nineteen degrees?
* WHAT'S THE CAUSE of the present worldwide turmoil in money markets – and what’s the likely outcome? George Reisman has the answers -- and a solution.
* IF AN OPERA singer without a voice for it can go round the world in less than eighty days, then why can't freedom lovers use the same technique for the freedom message? Darnton and Cresswell spot an opportunity.
* AFTER MODERNISM CAME post-modernism. What now for post-postmodern art? Stephen Hicks explains how and why art went to the dark side, and why it now has the chance to head towards the light.
* SOLUTIONS TO THE serious problems with housing affordability are offered by National's John Key and Nick Smith, and summarily dismissed by Peter Cresswell.

ALL THIS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE in this latest issue, including a fan's review of the Harry Potter series and a non-fan's review of Ian Wishart's feverish best-seller; a beer enthusiast's review of American beer and a romance enthusiast's opinion on the risks of passion in California; the story of the child's mathematical mind and how James Bond and John Galt shave ... all this and more in Free Radical 77.

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Peter Cresswell
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Let's hope

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...freedom lovers of 'the West' rally for Hirsi Ali's protection.

The Dutch lawmaker and

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The Dutch lawmaker and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali declined an offer to live in Denmark and said in an interview published Tuesday that she intended to return to the United States.

Hirsi Ali has been living under around-the-clock protection since the 2004 murder of her friend Theo van Gogh. The two had collaborated on a film that was critical of the treatment of women under Islam.

Several Danish cities have said they would be willing to offer shelter to Hirsi Ali, who returned this month to the Netherlands after a year in the United States. But the Somali-born former lawmaker told the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten she was not planning to move to the Scandinavian country.

"I thank you with all of my heart, but my hope and my work is in the United States, so right now I am focusing on seeking means for my security there," she was quoted as saying.

In the United States, she had bodyguards paid by the Dutch government. But the government said that it could not pay indefinitely and that it was time she took care of herself. Hirsi Ali returned to the Netherlands two weeks ago.

The Danish cities that invited Hirsi Ali did not say whether they were prepared to pay for her protection.

Van Gogh was stabbed to death in November 2004 by a Muslim radical who believed van Gogh had insulted Islam in a film called "Submission," about oppressed Muslim women. The killer also threatened Hirsi Ali, then a member of Parliament, for writing the script for "Submission."

Van Gogh's killer is serving a life sentence.

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There is not a weapon for Liberty like it anywhere on the planet, quite a gem this 'little' magazine is! I like the 'judo' concept with the global warmers --- one point I like to mention when dealing with these folks is how a debatable environmental topic is not only an excuse for greater totalitarianism, but also a distraction from the *legitimate* and *provable* environmental problem of pollution on private property (i.e. trespass), which still go ignored or worse, are 'approved of' by the Orwellian "Environmental Protection Agency" of the United Police States who set 'acceptable levels of pollution' even on *private property* among other ridiculous things!

Great stuff, Peter! Looking forward to the next one! And I'm still working on getting that interview of our reclusive hero...

Digital copy

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Please note that at the moment the link for the digital edition of this latest Free Radical points instead to the previous issue.

I understand SOLO's fine webmasters are working on this as we speak, and should have it sorted very shortly. We'll let you know as soon as it's fixed...

UPDATE: All sorted. Send in those purchase orders. Smiling

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

Opera guy

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The 'opera singer who isn't' is the virally marketed Paul Potts, recently performing in NZ to underwhelmed audiences.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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cannot wait to read the interview with Flemming Rose, I found him very impressive on the radio (as mentioned in another post).

Who is the Opera singer?

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