Islam v. Christianity: Which is Right? Daily Show Debate!

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Wed, 2007-09-05 23:20

This three-minute clip pretty much summarizes the nature of religious debate. Hysterical!

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I must confess to a hearty

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I must confess to a hearty chuckle at "Go to sleeeep, go to sleeeeep, it's in your ra tion al self interest."

Unfortunately ...

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... the stereotype is a sterotype because it exists. The rote-reciter of mantras, the heel-clicking goose-stepper in line and file marching obediently to Leonard's drumbeat. See Hsieh.


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In the interview section he can throw in a few digs but he is an out spoken leftie. Jon Stewart, despite criticism from the right is pretty even handed in who he makes fun of. I still enjoy the Rand dig, I enjoy a lot of the jokes he makes that I don't agree with.

Colbert's dig

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Of course, Colbert's dig at Rand is the usual stereo-typing of Objectivists. The guy can be very funny--see also "Strangers with Candy"--but he is a kind of nihilist. Does he ever go after the Left this way?

Colbert does Rand

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I thought you guys might enjoy this too.

Comedic Bull's-eye!

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Outstanding, Ed! Hilarious! Smiling

When Colbert was on top of his game...

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He was the best thing that show's ever had.


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hahahahahahahahahaha Smiling Best laugh in ages.


Steve Carell is a funny bastard Smiling


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Awesome. Brilliant. Too much laughter, not enough adjectives..

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