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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Thu, 2007-09-06 04:54

Fred Thompson has launched his campaign for US President.

This is great news!

Now we can have a true successor to Ronald Reagan, who is not going to piss about with wank words, high taxes, high spending, Iran appeasement and Castro.

I was rather amused at his ignoring the Republican Debate in New Hampshire as if to say "Oh, I will leave squabbling to the politicians, I am Presidential and more interested in my plans for Governing" Sticking out tongue ...(shove that in your pipe and smoke it, Rudy)

How great 2009 is going to be with a new Government here in New Zealand, President Thompson in America and Boris keeping things under control in Britain as Mayor of London.



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most accurate Pollster in recent years, Rasmussen, has Fred Thompson leading since September 10th among Republicans.

Fred is now leading 28% to Guiliani on 19%...a splendid result, which is also predictable, as Republicans are sensible people at heart. Smiling

Even in New Hampshire Thompson is gaining steadily and now within sight of victory on 19% to Romney 25% (and sinking fast), and Rudy on 22%.

Abortion Rights?

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Rather than hi-jack Elijahs topic I have started a new topic to discuss abortion rights.



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I'm with Erik. McCain-Feingold ALONE makes this guy radioactive. He is also opposed to abortion rights. He is also among the loudest of those currently complaining about illegal immigration. I could go on, but I've just eaten...

drop dead, Fred

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I will not vote for Fred Thompson, because he voted in favor of a bill which dealt a massive blow to our right to free speech/private property in the modern era; McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Bill of 2002. This bill has trampled all over our free speech rights here in the USA. Any political leader with half a brain and who was a true defender of liberty and not popular opinion would have (and many did in the Senate) vote against this atrocious bill. I will not lend aid and support to this man who has willingly put a muzzle over my mouth and a lock on my wallet.


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He launched it MONTHS ago. I'm so tired of all of this 'I'm forming an exploratory committee' crap. I've never heard of anyone forming an 'exploratory committee' that explored it's way to, 'you probably shouldn't run, sir.' Tom Vilsack, redundant as he may have been, endeared himself to me when he just hopped in.

Still, Tommy seems OK. And I did love his video response to Moore.


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Great video, Lance, and the cigar was a brilliant prop.

Fred Thompson forever

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Fred Thompson forever endeared himself to me with this response to Michael Moore.

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