SOLO Press Release: SOLO Slams Commie Kids' Commissioner

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Submitted by Mitch on Sun, 2007-09-09 02:04

SOLO Press Release: SOLO Slams Commie Kids' Commissioner

For Immediate Release

"Children's commissioner Cindy Kiro's plan to ensure mandatory surveillance of every baby's home life would have Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler cheering in their graves," says SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists) Head of Operations Mitch Lees. "Not only is the proposal yet another audacious assault on every good parent's freedom to raise their child, but it highlights the ineffectiveness of the government's most recent attack on parents – the anti-smacking bill.

"The suggestion that EVERY baby's home must be checked is an indication that Commie Kiro has no idea – or is willfully ignoring – where the real problem lies. Monitoring every home, while sure to cost more than the indicated $5m (as government plans always do), also promises to be a gigantic waste of taxpayer funds. Funds that would be far better spent on preventing, punishing and sterilising the Kahui twin killers of this world," says Lees.

"Child abuse in New Zealand is not 'our' problem, it is the problem of the few unspeakable trash who commit and permit the abuse. Focusing on the whole population only serves to muddy the waters as to who is responsible for these disgraceful actions, allowing more innocent children to be killed in the meantime. It is Political Correctness gone mad! How can you hope to solve a problem, if you can't (or won't) even identify its cause???

"Instead of unjustly assuming that every parent is a criminal in a desperate attempt to not call a spade a spade, authorities need to concentrate their resources on preventing the real threats to children. Taking $5million of taxpayer's money and using it to brazenly intrude on our privacy serves as a strong indication that it is time for Nanny to accompany the child killers to the gallows."


Mitch Lees - 027 243 1676

Lindsay Perigo - 021 255 8715

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