Steve Ditko documentary on BBC 4.

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Submitted by Marcus on Fri, 2007-09-14 16:48

I have never been a fan of Spider-Man comics, however a new documentary this Sunday about Steve Ditko on digtal TV channel BBC Four is probably (see below) discussing that he is an Objectivist. Also I guess Jonathan Ross does indeed track Steve Ditko down and interview him.

I don't have digital TV but if any other UK SOLOists are interested please let us know how it was.

Here is the link to info about it with two preview video clips:


"The unsung hero behind Spider-Man

Stan Lee is celebrated as the creator of Spider-Man. But artist Steve Ditko had just as much input into the comic-book superhero. So why do we never hear about him?
By Jonathan Ross.

Friday September 14, 2007
The Guardian

"As an advocate of the philosopher Ayn Rand, Ditko is a believer in objectivism, that peculiar school of thought that promotes hardline capitalism and the pursuit of individual, self-serving goals and personal happiness as the only legitimate and rational way forward for the human race. Hence such characters as Mr A, for example, a Randian vigilante dressed all in white and doling out a brutal, uncompromising form of justice. In the universe that Mr A inhabits there is good, there is evil, and there is nothing in between."

The unsung hero behind Spider-Man.

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Sounds great

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Hope it makes its way overseas.


Inking is sexy.

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