Humor: Atheist's nightmare - the banana

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sun, 2007-09-16 20:27

Found this on youtube - supposedly creationists for real, not a parody!

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I'm definitely frightened,

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I'm definitely frightened, though not of the banana. I suppose this is a good reminder after working around and befriending atheist scientific/engineering types that a lot of people outside this selected microcosm still are that irrationally religious. Thanks Lance too for the educational bit about the changes from domesticating the banana.

Oh well that's it for me.

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Oh well that's it for me. The banana clip had me (secretly) half way there, but the peanut butter! That has me convinced. And the clip was by an engineer, so he must be speaking the truth. I'm going to get my teeth sorted out, then convert. Christianity, it's the answer to everything. I'm so relieved to finally have a crutch I can lean on for all eternity.

 (Going to have to do a Google though to make sure I can find a branch of Christianity that allows alchohol. And not one that involves door knocking: don't want to take on a lot of work with it. Um, as a new Christian, am I allowed to use Google?)

Peanut Butter apparently gives Atheists nightmares also

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Also this clip has pictures of what wild undomesticated bananas look like

It's for real

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Former sitcom star Kirk Cameron was 'born again' when he was 17-ish and now produces really awful 'Christian' movies.

Very funny clip, Suma.

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Very funny clip, Suma. Although someone should tell the demonstrator that all of his arguments spoke more to an evolutionary explanation, than a creationist one.

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