Colin McRae

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2007-09-16 21:04

In the pursuit of excellence, rally driver Colin McRae figured with the best of them. His early death is a great shame.

Signed motorsport lover.

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I was shedding a tear in supercheap

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seriosly though motorsport is the greatest human endeavours encompasing more diverse talent than any oth sport


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am sure you are correct, Mark Sticking out tongue

Let me put it this way Eye ...

Last night, it was a splendid, rip roaring time at Antoine's, but I am sure when Colin McRae's death was announced there were a few tears flowing at the Warehouse Eye Sticking out tongue

Elijah ? Now, now.

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Name a sport that better demonstrates the technological ingenuity of man? And a sport outside of Formula One, or internatonal rallying, that better exemplifies the pursuit of uncompromising excellence?


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Motor racing Sticking out tongue amusing Sticking out tongue


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Shocked Damn

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