Platonic form (Not safe for work)

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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Fri, 2006-01-13 03:22

I'm not sure how I can do a poll here, and I wouldn't want to limit the choices anyway. Who do you, my fellow thrusters, consider to be the paragon of beauty? Some women make me believe that Plato was right, and that there is a realm where perfect forms exist. My answer would truly be my wife, but since I'm not at liberty to post her pictures here, I'll have to think of an approximation! Kidman is close. And let's please make this a rollercoaster ride for any of those viewing at work. Post Pictures!!!!

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"...I wouldn't throw Jessica

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"...I wouldn't throw Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman out of my bed."

Me either. In fact, I'd tie them to it.

Perfect Forms

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Here are my favorites.

Maria Bello. I thought she was beautiful when she was on ER and I have liked quite a few of her films, as well. Recently, she had SMOKING hot sex scenes in "A History of Violence," including one where she put on her old cheerleading uniform for her husband. Woof!

Jaime Pressly. Right now she is making me laugh on "My Name is Earl" where she is more about her character than being hot, but who can't love a girl who designs her own lingerie?

And, despite a strong preference for blondes, I wouldn't throw Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman out of my bed.

Wait a second, I just tried attaching pictures and now I don't know where they've gone. Hm.

Heh, Jody, you really should

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Heh, Jody, you really should put a "NSFW" tag on these threads. The last thing people probably expect when clicking on "Platonic form" under the active forum topics is tits n' ass.

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