Welfare now..welfare forever!

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Mon, 2007-09-17 23:28

I have just had a MOST unpleasant encounter with a working class person.

(Although 'unpleasant' is the usual experience when encountering the working classes, this time was even worse!)

The husband of my maid asked for an audience with me to seek my advice or assistance, and being a helpful sort of chap I (foolishly) agreed.

Upon entering my drawing room and finding his attempts at 'small talk' a complete waste of time, he got to the point by telling me he is about to go into business (!) and sought any advice I could give him with his endeavours.

They are Pacific Islanders and I had always viewed this chap as a loafer (geddit?) Eye so was quite impressed and eager to offer him the benefit of my experience, especially as my World view is there are two ways of doing things... my way or the wrong way...so would seek to prevent him making silly mistakes.

My sense of pride at his enterprising behaviour and soon to be 'Man of Action-ism' was short lived, and quickly replaced by horror when the details unfolded.

It transpires this fellow has been granted an "Enterprise Allowance" ...the most debased form of Corporate Welfare ever invented, and the specific business he kicks off next week is...Shocked...as a "Hypotherapist" Barf!

What a disgrace!

Not only are we giving subsidies to undeserving people, but we are giving subsidies for people to engage in Witchcraft!

I was aghast!

I was astounded!

(I was fortunate Damien listens at keyholes, could tell I was about to explode, and rushed in claiming there was an urgent telephone call and ushered this individual out)

I required 3 cups of strong, sweet tea to recover from the shock! ...and just relieved the 6 month IRD audit which was completed last week ended up with me receiving a refund, Sticking out tongue rather than owing them hundreds of thousands as the moronic naive tax investigator expected at the outset..(bunnies) Eye ...as imagine having to actually pay for this nonsense!

An Enterprise Allowance to practise witchcraft...gosh...whatever next!

Has anyone else got corporate welfare horror stories?

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I agree

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You want to indulge it? Fine.

I doubt that I'd be a good subject for a hypnotist, but if it works as an aid for some then I don't see a problem. I gave up smoking with the help of nicotine gum. If some people can do it through hypnotism, and it works, then I wouldn't necessarily call it quackery. There is such a thing as the subconcious mind, and it is programmable. That's what integrating Objectivism is ultimately all about... reprogramming your subconscious mind.

But taxpayer funding it? Ack!

Yes. Ack!

Hypnotherapists themselves

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Hypnotherapists themselves will sometimes admit that the 'process' only works when the participant is willing to make the changes being 'suggested' already. Essentially they just supply a place for someone to sit down and be told that they want to do what they want to do. It's quackery plain and simple. You want to indulge it? Fine. But taxpayer funding it? Ack!

Oh, you mean...

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... hypnotherapy. Well, isn't there clear evidence that hypnotherapy has its uses? I wouldn't call it witchcraft.


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you have a "hypnotist" chanting at their gullible victims, "you are getting sleepy..." ...quite like a witch casting a spell...and supposedly the person awakes and is "cured" of their smoking cravings, or depression, or fear of needles or whatever.

It is a lot like astrology "today you will wear a red hat and meet the man of your dreams because pluto was busy snorting lines of coke with saturn" and other irrational behaviours.

Forgive me, but this sort of thing really gets me angry!


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Please explain...


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is a definition of Hypotherapy.

Just pathetic to think of the waste of money in providing Enterprise Allowances for this.

Mitch makes an even more shocking observation that the recipients of this largesse have to be declined by a Bank!

Please excuse my ignorance...

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...but what is a "hypotherapist"? I don't know if a "hypotherapist" should be termed "working class". Most of the "working class" people I know, are good honest hard working people.

To make matters worse..

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Many (if not all) of these "Enterprise Allowance" approvals are based on getting a bank to decline your lending application.

So basically, if the bank thinks your proposal is doomed to failure, the government will throw money at you.

While working for a bank, a woman came in to request that I decline her a loan so that she could get one of these grants. I gave her a list a mile long of things she would need to have me "decline" her loan. No way she's getting MY tax dollars that easily. Smiling

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