SOLO-NZ Press Release—SOLO Hails New Party!

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Submitted by Lance on Thu, 2007-09-20 01:40

The announcement by New Zealand's two main parties, National and Labour, that they are to amalgamate has been welcomed by SOLO spokesman Lance Davey as a clarifying move that was logically inevitable.

The two party leaders made the announcement at a lunchtime press conference at the Beehive.

"It was a matter of recognising the obvious, really," National's John Key told journalists."National has long accepted that the Welfare State is ingrained in the Kiwi psyche; Labour has learned that it cannot strangle the goose that lays golden eggs; we both believe in squeezing hard."

Prime Minister Helen Clark concurred, saying, "At this time in our history, it seems silly to be offering a choice of six or half a dozen."

A new cabinet will be announced shortly, with Key a certainty to replace Michael Cullen as Deputy-Prime Minister.

Asked how the two parties had resolved their differences over the Electoral Finance Bill, with National having claimed that it breached the Bill of Rights, the two leaders said they'd agreed to repeal the Bill of Rights.

Clark said, "We're especially thrilled that the new party's name so accurately captures the essence of the old parties."

The new party is to be called the National Socialist Party.

SOLOist Davey concludes: "Nothing more need be said, really."


Lance Davey - 06 355 4398

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Good luck with that...

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I mean it, but this is New Zealand. Sports nation. Don't all voters vote for the party that is likely to win? I mean, Just imagine voting for Libertarianz and then find you lost. The shame!

Well, credit to Lindsay for

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Well, credit to Lindsay for the reworking of it Eye.

Mr & Ms Clarkey

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"Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal"

- Louis K. Anspacher

Great stuff Lance.

Well that's my pet project

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Well that's my pet project at the moment. Get all of the "tactical voters" that vote national just to avoid a Labour government, to see there is little difference between them now. So they may as well vote for a party that will stand by its principles, such as LibertariaNZ for example Laughing out loud.

The scary thing is, it makes sense

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Joining up two parties with similar policies and attitudes makes sense. Are you talking about co-leadership.  hmmmmfffff    .... Be right back ...

I could no longer keep my breakfast down. The thought of that was more than I could handle.

What if this would happen? The National Socialist Party are guaranteed to win but not but not by a margin as big as the sum of their current percentages. After their term, if there is still a country left, people might finally see the big ones for what they realy are and maybe engage their brains and vote for what they believe in.  It just might level the playing field and stop the endless game of ping pong NZ politics has been stuck in for so long.

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