Apologies for my prolonged absence

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Sat, 2007-09-22 21:20

Hello fellow SOLO-ists!

I apologize for my relative absence from SOLO in recent months, please do not associate my absence with lack of interest or support in the efforts of SOLO. If anyone was wondering why the only thing that seems to 'pop up' from me lately are press releases, please note the reason for my absence can be found in my ranting press release concerning 'Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac' and the debacle the American (and somewhat globally now) economy is currently in due to in part to these lovely government controls.

As an unsolicited plug along those lines, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND George Reisman's article in the latest Free Radical #77 as an excellent (much better than my frustrated rants) economic analysis of the current 'credit crunch' as it has rightfully been called.

I have suffered a great personal income loss from this meltdown as I was neck-deep in the mortgage industry which has now been frozen solid. Compounding matters, I have some poorly-timed family issues as well. I have no doubt I will land on my feet, but until I do what little free time and energy I have has been spent seeking employment in a different industry. I post this because again, I do not want ANYONE to get the impression that I have anything but support for SOLO! It may be early October before I can get back to my near-daily presence on SOLO, but until then, my heart is with you all!

Michael Vardoulis

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I'm still on the battlefield...

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But at the very least I will continue to write SOLO-US press releases and try to pop on SOLO from time to time between job hunting efforts! Smiling SOMETHING has got to give here, it's a good thing I can handle rejection well....!

Still, I do wish I could jump on SOLO more often, feel like I'm missing out on quite a bit!

Yes, Claudia, I think I need to update something...

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My SOLO email was forwarded to my old work email address which was a mortgage company that has all but laid everyone off including myself. I'll shoot you an email via SOLO with my personal email address since that is all I have at my disposal at this time. Smiling


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I want to send you a private email re the US Mortgage Industry, but you aren't accepting PMs. Could you please send me an email address that I can contact you on?

Thanks in advance.

Bro Vardo!!

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I always say, and it certainly seems to be true in my own case—"Ya can't keep a bad boy down." I'm sure you'll prove me right too. Smiling

And thanks to you also, Elijah

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I touched on my personal taste of the 'mortgage woes' in one of my recent press releases (see SOLO-U.S. Press Release—Fire Fannie and Freddie!), and I'm currently cooking up a 'treatise' (as Linz called it) for the November issue of the Free Radical (the 78th blow for freedom!). The United Police States statism has simply 'come home to roost' - and to get a far more economically articulate picture of what's happened, George Reisman's article in Free Radical #77 captures the problem brilliantly. I'm living proof that Mr. Reisman is (as usual) dead on accurate! Smiling

And thanks to you, Uncle Linz...

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Believe me if I could think of any way you can help beyond your cheerful support and committed belief in me, I wouldn't hesitate to ask! Smiling Thank you for everything you've already done especially with regard to giving me the chance to flex my writing muscles on behalf of SOLO. It's been quite a good source of 'therapy' to keep my head together during these challenging times.

Thank you Claudia!

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As long as I'm still breathing (which most fortunately I still am) I will eventually triumph! Eye

My roughly $60,000 in lost commission is quite a sudden blow (though it was becoming clear before summer that the mortgage industry was headed in a disastrous direction), and being poorly timed with some extensive family/legal issues it has taken quite a bit of my energy just to stay afloat. Not to mention having to find work in a metaphorical 'rock quarry' a la Roark to try to re-establish myself in an entirely different industry. All fine and well, though, since I have the benevolent support of the world's best Objectivists on SOLO to encourage my re-ascension! Smiling

Bloodied but not unbowed indeed!


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to hear the recent Mortgage Market troubles, by going tits up, have affected you.

What happened? (if you do not mind me asking)

KASS on, Bro Vardo!!

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Let me know if Uncle Linz can be of any help.


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sorry to hear of your troubles. Good to know that your "head is bloody but unbowed." All the best to you. Smiling

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