Ahmadejihad lecture transcript

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The best insult to our intelligence

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was his coming "in the spirit of communicating truth," and responding to the question about homosexuals by saying that there isn't any homosexuality in Iran.

So, "free and open dialogue" means engaging folks who lie to your face, and you should have known would lie to your face?

As far as we should be concerned, every word that came out of his mouth yesterday was a lie.

Ho hum - Why is this such a surprise?

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Just maybe this first hand exposure was so those who never understood the message in the first place, might actually get a wake up call.

I loved the link to the dumb blonde - she was fantastic. I totally agree with her.

However, the essential aspect of the Ahmadinejad visit (distasteful as it is and because it could not be stopped) was dealing with it. As objectivists the best we could ever hope is those passive, brain washed liberal spawn of the hippies, just might get knocked into reality. And I think that by giving a public flogging and then a podium to Ahmedinejad has given him the chance to cook his own goose by his philosophy, ignorance and Neanderthal intellect.

Objectivists don't need this, but the liberals and their spawn do. Liberals do not have the capability to comprehend nor discern reason and logic. Let them be spoon fed and let us feed them, if it be just once. There will soon be a time when they must answer, to the call "you are either with us or against us".

Oh gyod!

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All he delivers is a fucking Muslim sermon! Talk about an inferiority complex - the stupid little man:

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Thank you very much for your question. I am an academic, and you are as well.

And this: AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Right now, as president of Iran, I still continue teaching graduate and Ph.D.-level courses on a weekly basis. My students are working with me in scientific fields. I believe that I am an academic, myself. Pffffff!

This is such shit: In Iranian culture, men and sons and girls constantly kiss the hands of their mothers as a sign of respect, respect for women. And we are proud of this culture.

Yep... that's why they can walk around with their faces open to the sunlight and fresh breeze with the wind in their hair, freedom in their sense of dress - and converse with anyone... man or woman. (But they have the vote don't forget... never mind that hubby will beat them to a pulp if they vote for someone not approved of by his better judgment).

When I went around to an Iranian family to interview the man about a job (this is years ago), his "highly respected" woman squatted in a corner of the kitchen, and everytime he wanted his coffee cup filled I didn't see him kiss her hands... no... he snapped his fingers and she leapt up from her squatting position and filled his cup. I kept patting the sofa next to me and asking her to come and sit with us - which made her look bewildered, horrified and terrified all at once. Hubby's name was Mahmoud.

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