It took long enough!

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Tue, 2007-09-25 03:15

France is technically bankrupt.

The socialist experiment of the last several decades has failed in dramatic fashion and it is a time to celebrate!

The Daily Telegraph Telegraph carries the story today.

Hopefully this will result in cuts to subsidies, crushing Unions, cutting welfare and all the other things which are long overdue.

This is an important lesson to other Governments around the World, and the only surprising aspect is that it took so long! Sticking out tongue

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60 years of socialism? Eye Sticking out tongue


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"Sad thing is, I think Germany is heading in the same direction."

What makes you say that? Smiling

It won't be a pretty picture

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A lesson absolutely. Cuts absolutely. Crushing unions as they should have done long ago.

I can see them all busting out in strikes, like a pack of falling domino's. Maybe this time the government will not cave in.

Sad thing is, I think Germany is heading in the same direction.

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