Manukau City Council Mayoral Candidate - Check This One Out

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Submitted by Sandi on Tue, 2007-09-25 21:52

The local government elections booklet of instructions has just arrived in the post.
One candidate was certain to catch my eye. I have copied his resume word for word out of the booklet. Scoop has the same details here

Baskaran Appu - Communist League

"I am an active trade unionist, meat worker (let me guess, he gets paid shit loads of money to promote Hal Al killing throughout the meat industry), and candidate for the Communist League.

I support workers' struggles to organise trade unions and to use and extend union power to defend themselves and other working people from attacks by the employers and their ruling parties.

I call for the withdrawal of U.S and 'coalition' troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, including the withdrawal of all NZ troops and police from Afghanistan and the Pacific.

I back efforts to unite working people. My campaign calls for a massive government-funded public works programme to build and upgrade housing, schools, medical facilities, transportation systems and recreational facilities.

It urges support for Maori rights and for women's rights (oh please let us all wear burqa's).

It demands an end to the jailing and deportation of immigrant 'overstayers' and refugee's."

At the bottom is an email and website

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Anyone notice after the

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Anyone notice after the paragraph regarding women's rights.
The beginning of the next two sentences start with it?
I would like to know what the "it" actually is.

And, does this nasty piece of work think he is running for mayor or prime minster. His political agenda seems to exceed his civic role.

If this came out on April 1st, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid.

Question: Do these mayoral candidates get elected to stand or can anyone do it? Are they required to have any qualifications?

And how exactly does this make him worse from the others?

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Sounds to me this delusional individual is the same as all other aspiring politicians.

As a good citizen I filled in my voting papers in Waitakere city through process of elimination. Picking the least worst. The finished form sat on the table for a few days when a brochure arrived from "C&R citizens & Rate payers". I happened to tick the name of Paul Mitchell. He looked like an alcoholic on the picture so I figured he could not do much harm. On their brochure it stated: "To move Waitakere city from great" I sighed and saw the error of my ways and tore up the voting paper.

You either vote for what you believe in or not al all.

All of the bitching and scratching politicians want to improve things through more laws and more force. There really is no choice. Maybe I should stand for election next time around but I am afraid I'd punch someone before I make it through 3 council meetings.


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chap sounds dreadful...gosh.

But..ummmmm...Manukau City Council..gosh...where do you live?!?!

I've just moved back to

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I've just moved back to Christchurch (Banks Peninsula, actually, couldn't live in the/a city), but, after reading all the piffle put out by the candidates, can't find a single (A SINGLE) candidate for local government who is not a socialist.

What are you supposed to do? I don't have the time to put myself up, and even if I did, it's not my inclination to do so, as I've moved back here to pursue other specific goals.

By the look of it, I won't be voting at all. (Any forum member from Christchurch, here, who can point me in any direction regarding candidates?)

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