What is your definition of 'happiness'?

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Thu, 2007-09-27 21:19

My definition of "happiness" would be to find a respected Art Dealer/Valuer standing over a dead body with a gun in his hand and blood everywhere, whilst I am holding a camcorder. Smiling

Although it may seem an odd view of happiness, I have a very good reason for it...

I know an amateur painter, a chap who creates garish works of 'art', and being a prize bunny (with little faith in his ability) sells them at markets and on street corners to passersby, for about $50 each.

In Michael Cullen's latest Budget, he created a wonderful tax loophole for rich people to abuse and benefit from Sticking out tongue...namely, making all charitable donations fully tax deductible.

Now imagine the situation of purchasing $50 paintings from my friend Sticking out tongue and a (now incredibly compliant) Sticking out tongue Art Valuer issuing 'Valuation Certificates' saying they were worth several thousand dollars each Sticking out tongue ...before 'donating' the paintings to libraries, schools, the City Mission and anyone else I could think of.

Needless to say I would quickly become very charitable Eye ...I am sure the painter could whip up 3 works of art per week (at $50 each) and I would donate them (with a certificate claiming they are worth $10,000 each) thereby sheltering large trading profits from taxation.

That is my definition of happiness....what is yours? Smiling

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and I were discussing that a month or so ago...and..yes...splendid idea!

or you could

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make your charitable donation to Samizdat.  Mitch would love a message from you.

Hmmm ... yeah?!


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Solopassion seems to have quite a following! Sticking out tongue

(Which is good, of course) Sticking out tongue

I actually received an email from an Art Dealer in London about this forum! Shocked

He said how hilarious he found it Sticking out tongue has circulated it around his colleagues, and pointed out that such a tax scam has worked very well in the UK for years...(albeit without the dead bodies and subtle blackmail).


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I'm happiest when I am lying on the couch with Aaron after a satisfying day, telling him stories about the gym and TaeKwonDo class, and eating Thai food.

How bout the rest of you?



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donation to this Free Speech Coalition organisation should be tax deductible, too.

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