Architecture cock-ups...

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Fri, 2007-09-28 07:40

I saw this hilarious story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

It seems barracks at a naval base in America, when viewed from above, looks like a swastika! Sticking out tongue have to wonder about some of these Architect chaps Eye and their cock-ups.

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From the article: Forgotten

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From the article:

Forgotten about after the initial controversy, the buildings' form become an issue again thanks to the internet and Google Earth. It has led an unlikely alliance - of bloggers, anti-discrimination activists, politicians and one talkshow radio host - to take action.

Oh for pity's sake. And this:

And the navy has added $US600,000 ($687,000) to its 2008 budget for camouflage. Landscaping, rock structures and solar panels should help disguise the building's shape.

But it's still shaped like a swastika no? In fact isn't that rather the point now? That it can't be seen by passers by but they know it's there? :rolleyeandpalmfaceemoticon:

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