Dear John...before you spend 50 years wondering "what might have been"...

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The bumbling British Conservative Leader, David Cameron, is in deep trouble.

A snap election is in the wind, and he has greatly annoyed most of the Tory party supporters with a myriad of absurd left wing policies, which has seen him go from 10% ahead to 10% behind in opinion polls.

Next week is the Conservative Party Conference and Cameron needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat rather urgently, and here is the speech he should give to his supporters, written by Daily Mail columist, Richard Littlejohn.

Not only does it hit the nail on the head but I think John Key should read it, and give a similar speech in New Zealand....(before he is 10% behind, too) Eye

Two years ago, you elected me leader by an overwhelming majority. I told you then that people in this country were crying out for a Conservative Party that is decent, reasonable, sensible and in it for the long term of this country.

That is what I have been trying to achieve. We had to change, to adapt to modern Britain. I meant everything I said about creating a compassionate Conservatism, embracing civil partnerships, single parents and including people from every background in our party.

But at the same time it is vital that we don't forget who we are, what we represent, what we believe in and what we have achieved. We should be confident about our future, but we should never be ashamed of our past.

Never forget that the economic prosperity we enjoy today was only made possible by the reforms introduced by Mrs Thatcher. Gordon Brown has frittered away that inheritance.

How he has the audacity to pose as the heir to the Great Lady is frankly beyond me, having repudiated her for the past 25 years. It is evidence of his cynicism and opportunism. He thinks the British people are too stupid to see through him. I don't.

If Gordon Brown's a Conservative, Boris is one of the Bash Street Kids.

I trust the British people. Unlike Gordon Brown, I trust them to vote in a referendum on the European Constitution.

I will trust them to vote for their local police chiefs. I will trust them to vote for magistrates and judges.

Labour has concentrated power at the centre - in the hands of the few, not the many.

My government will reverse that trend by returning power to the grassroots - not through gimmicks like hand-picked Citizens' Juries but by introducing local referendums on everything from the level of council tax to the frequency of rubbish collections.

Under Labour, council tax has doubled, but refuse collections have been halved - because of targets set by central government.

It's scandalous that people are being fined for accidentally putting the wrong kind of rubbish in the wrong bin. This is Labour bullying at its very worst.

The gentleman in Whitehall does not know best.

If television viewers can vote electronically on who gets kicked out of the Big Brother House, then taxpayers should be entitled to vote on whether their village police station stays open and who sits on the board of their local hospital.

It is frankly outrageous that thousands of people are dying of infections they caught in hospital yet nobody is ever held responsible.

Under Labour, no one is accountable. No one ever takes the blame, thanks to the cult of centralisation. Under a Conservative government that will change.

Planning decisions will be taken locally - not imposed by central diktat, which leads to such madness as building on flood plains and declaring suburban back gardens "brownfield sites".

On education, I now admit I was wrong to rule out a return to grammar schools. If that's what people want, that's what they'll get. Their community, their decision.

On law and order, I will build more prisons and end the routine practice of releasing criminals halfway through their sentence. Anyone committing a crime, for instance a burglary, will forfeit the protection of the law.

I will scrap the Police And Criminal Evidence Act and free up bobbies to patrol the streets. Existing PCSOs will be redeployed to police stations to concentrate on clerical duties.

There will be no ID cards scheme and police will not be allowed to retain DNA samples of the innocent. While I believe in crime fighting, I also believe in the presumption of innocence and individual liberty.

I will repeal the European Human Rights Act, which prevents us deporting foreign gangsters and terrorists. I believe in immigration, but it has to be managed. There will be a moratorium on immigration until we can be sure exactly who is living here.

While I don't blame anyone who wants to come to Britain to work and improve themselves, it is absurd that we are importing hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to do jobs British citizens won't, while we have five million, able-bodied people of working age classed as economically inactive.

Meanwhile, we are paying child benefit to families who don't even live here. Who voted for that?

The benefits system needs radical overhaul. It is supposed to be a safety net, not a way of life. Gordon Brown's client state has to be dismantled.

He has hired over 600,000 public servants since Labour came to office. How many of you think public services have got better?

The Health And Safety Executive will be abolished and those laws and "guidelines" which ban everything from Bonfire Night to hanging baskets will be scrapped. I will stop bankrolling the "diversity" industry. Home Information Packs will be dumped.

If that means a few Guardian readers having to go out and get a proper job, tough. We could do with some more roadsweepers.

Now to the environment. I know that many of you think that my passion for green issues is barking, but I sincerely believe that climate change and the need to find reliable, sustainable, alternative sources of energy is the biggest single challenge we face.

That doesn't mean a whole raft of new taxes and fines. That's the Labour way. I believe in the carrot, not the stick. We shall offer tax cuts to encourage people to recycle their rubbish and install solar panels, double glazing and loft insulation.

I am now convinced that windmills are the ugliest, most expensive and hideously inefficient way of generating electricity. My government will build a new generation of clean, nuclear power stations to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

I will abolish road tax on the least polluting cars, to encourage people to buy them, but I have no intention of slapping extra taxes on so-called gas guzzlers or charging you to park at Tesco. People pay enough tax as it is and are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

I won't be punishing anyone for flying abroad on holiday, either. What I will do is offer substantial tax breaks to airlines to buy the newest, cleanest, most fuel-efficient aircraft available.

Yes, tax. Supposed to be a tricky area for us. Labour loves to shout "Tory cuts" if ever we talk about reducing the burden of taxation.

Let me assure you we are not going to shut schools "n" ospitals, sack a single nurse, schoolteacher or policeman. As I explained, that will all be determined locally in future.

The people will decide what level of service they want in their communities and how much they are prepared to pay for it, although support will be available from the Treasury to ensure that poorer areas don't suffer.

I do want to reduce both the tax and regulatory burden on small businesses, which are the backbone of our nation.

My government will simplify the tax system. It is my intention to take lower earners out of taxation altogether and introduce a simple flat tax for everyone just as soon as circumstances allow.

We will switch taxes from income to consumption. We have to get away from the idea that people on £50,000 a year are rich. They're not.

I promise that unlike Gordon Brown, we will abolish inheritance tax. He's the Man Who Stole Your Old Age and he now wants a big slice of your children's future. We believe in wealth cascading down the generations.

And I guarantee that our first act will be to reintroduce the tax relief on pension funds, from which Brown has so far stolen £100 billion, leaving so many of our people facing an impoverished retirement.

Gordon Brown's had ten years to get it right and he doesn't deserve a day longer. Do you trust this Labour government to keep its promises?

They got us into this mess. Things can only get worse. He knows that, which is why he's thinking of calling a snap election.

Gordon Brown is a conman and a control freak. I trust the British people. I'm asking the British people to trust me.

My name's David Cameron, but you can call me Dave."

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That's not quite true...

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"A snap election is in the wind, and he has greatly annoyed most of the Tory party supporters with a myriad of absurd left wing policies, which has seen him go from 10% ahead to 10% behind in opinion polls."

When Cameron was ahead in the polls he was constantly proposing left-wing policies too. He was ahead at the time because he was an alternative version of "Tony Blair" when people had become sick and tired of the actual "showbiz" Tony Blair.

Now Gordon Brown has taken the "showbiz" out of politics they are supporting the same Blair policies under Gordon Brown - because Brown looks like a serious politician.

Although I admit if David Cameron gave a speech such as above it probably would help him, but the Labour Government would have a field day accusing him of being dishonest and spineless.

Oh if only...

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I would take back every Labour-Lite smear, every "John Clark".
Sure it's not the ideal, but at least it wouldn't be Labour and would actually be a better alternative.

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