And the award for Best Picture goes to...

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Submitted by Titan on Sun, 2006-01-15 06:22

Which film would you pick to win the Academy Award for best picture? For me it would have to be "Batman Begins".

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I don't know. I saw Memoirs of a Geisha the other day, and even though it doesn't exactly follow the criteria for the "Sense of Life" category, it was one of the best movies that I've ever seen.


They do great at the box

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They do great at the box office, it's more of a snob factor with the critics.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Unfortunately "Batman

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Unfortunately "Batman Begins" will probably not win. Super Hero movies just have never done well at the box office. They ought to create a sense of life category.

I'd like to see Batman win

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I'd like to see Batman win but I don't think it's likely. I only usually have a few movies a year budgeted. As a matter of fact I can count every one I saw this year on one hand. Star Wars, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Land of the Dead and Harry Potter. There were A LOT of others I wanted to see but I didn't have the funds. So I don't really have a good idea of the overall landscape.

(that and if you didn't already know this should probably cement the fact that I am a comic geek)


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

I haven't seen Batman

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I haven't seen Batman Begins, but I suspect its genre would count against its chances of winning. And by the time I get to see Brokeback Mountain (surely the front runner at present), the Awards will already have been announced.

What I do know is that last year's winner, the uncompromisingly moral Million Dollar Baby, was a damned good choice!

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