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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sat, 2007-09-29 22:29

Coddington has a splendid article in the Herald on Sunday.

She attended the Opening Night of the play "Hollow Men" about the National Party emails.

Seems it is a worthwhile play to attend, especially as Don Brash is fast becoming the best Prime Minister we never had due to his policy programme, recent Labour Government policies and the Labour-lite appeasement of the Nats.

I was impressed to hear that even Lindsay appears in the play (!) and as always Deborah is sensible and intelligent to read.

One thing which I have never been able to understand the fuss about the Hollow Men, and my response to the hysteria was ..."So what?"

Prime Minister Brash would seek to implement his policies...."So what?"

Brash had a meeting with some religious people...."So what?"

Brash hates left wingers ..."So what?"

National would privatise certain health services ..."So what?"


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Funny stuff~!

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Good to see Deborah plugging Linz!


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cannot wait to see it.

If you require financing to get it produced, I am happy to pay for "product placement" on stage, (posters in the background, actors wearing t-shirts) of my new investment related website which gets launched in a few weeks.

Appropriately named


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For that you'll have to wait for my play! Smiling


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What is he like in person? is he as 'wet' as he seemed on television?

I mean...does he drink? does he let his hair down? did he suggest heading along to a Niteclub?


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Act leader Rodney Hide looked sharp in a suit, but then Lindsay Perigo (who makes a cameo appearance in the play - or at least one of his emails does) used to say Act members go to bed in their suits. I wouldn't know, having never been to bed with an Act member but Perigo is better connected than I am.

That was the e-mail where I gave Don a bollocking about his U-turn on civil unions. He was so mortified he took me to dinner. Smiling

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