Robyn Hughes (RAM) Residents Action Movement

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Submitted by Sandi on Sun, 2007-09-30 07:17

A council profile of a despicable piece of work. A traitorous, ignorant, stupid, naive, apologising, socialistic, bleeding liberal, who is currently "a regional councillor and a hospital service manager".

Health Board Profile:
"Do you know that plans are well advanced to build a private hospital on the grounds of our public health clinics at Manukau? RAM believes this sets a bad precedent which will undermine our free public hospitals unless stopped."

You think that is bad enough, read on.

Auckland Regional Council - Manukau:
"I support the massive contributions made by Manukau City's different communities, unions and religions. One of RAM's key planks is social inclusion. We all belong here. RAM recently took the lead in DEFENDING our law-abiding Muslim SISTERS & BROTHERS from RACIST attacks. (She goes on to campaign for FREE buses and trains by diverting state cash away from roading").

The major backbone of her platform seems to be serving Islam above and beyond kiwi's. Oh, and according to her, Islam is a race.

RAM huh? My vision of RAM includes her bending over and the result is too ugly for words.

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The Porridge Merchant!

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RAM people have their own website!

Gosh, all the communists in town are their candidates.

I gather they are backing that porridge merchant who has been the temporary Auckland Mayor, for another term! which rather shows how well they are doing! Sticking out tongue


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the RAM a communist organisation?

Grrrr I have come across

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Grrrr I have come across this RAM outfit in my daily digest of Scoop PRs. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth!

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