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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sun, 2007-09-30 18:28

safe the Communist Waterside workers are preparing to strike.

These vindictive, despicable, working class low life chaps should have learnt their lesson back in 1951 when they were crushed by the Government...but no.

They want to have another go!

I think a few of the ringleaders should be rounded up and shot, live on television preferably, (something alas Sid Holland was too wimpy to do in 1951), as a warning to the rest of this rabble as to what happens when you start interferring with Capitalism and exports.

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are missing the fact that Communist gangster trade unions have a lot of brain damaged cohorts, who think a pay increase is a Capitalist conspiracy by the 'Boss Class' employers.

I notice they are not volunteering to return the money...(which will no doubt have already been spent on Lotto, takeaways, alcohol and one day will be expecting others to pay them a pension)

W... What?

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Hold on, is this a result of the NZ media's poor reporting skills, or am I right in reading that they're striking because... they received too much money?>... Ok, What am I missing here?

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