SOLO-US Press Release: Americans Need 'Heroes'!

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SOLO-US Press Release: Americans Need 'Heroes'!
10/01/2007 ***For Immediate Release***
7 Corporate Park #120
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 636 - 0158

"Last week marked the high-rated return of NBC's hugely successful program from last season, Time Kring's 'Heroes,' which should serve as a signal to politicians and Presidential hopefuls as to what traditional American values are," says SOLO-US Coordinator Michael Vardoulis.

"In the last season of 'Heroes' we saw sleazy and corrupt politician Nathan Petrelli (played by Adrian Pasdar) ultimately take a principled stand by using his 'super powers' to avert a catastrophe, which could have otherwise secured his ascension to the Presidency," explains Vardoulis. "What ultimately makes the character heroic is the fact that he chose to put his political ambition aside when he discovered his aspirations came with the price tag of millions of needless deaths and the requirement he lead the United States into a full dictatorship. What a sharp contrast to the mostly Machiavellian, opportunistic cast of characters seeking the Oval Office among the Republican and Democratic candidates!"

"Objectivist and 'Spider-Man' co-creator Steve Ditko reminds us that it is not the 'powers' which make the American tradition of Heroes 'heroic'; it is the moral philosophy which guides them. Spider-Man does his best to follow a code of ethics embodied in the phrase 'with great power comes great responsibility.' In 'Heroes,' Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka), follows a similar code of honor to limit the use of his abilities to the defense of himself or others. In the Ditko comic-book tradition, which reflects American values in general, a hero does not use his powers for anything other than protecting people from harm. Anything else would be non-heroic opportunism.

"Americans, like their romanticized 'super heroes,' should have the courage to demand of politicians an end to their abuse of their 'powers' and immediately discontinue all actions of their government which do not involve the protection from the initiation of force, fraud or coercion. Any action of government that does otherwise is an irresponsible use of power," concludes Vardoulis. "If American politicians act opportunistically instead of responsibly, then the real 'heroes' need to be the American people whose values are being tossed away with each new election; real-life 'heroes' need to demand their liberty back!"

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Bro Vardo

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I've trimmed and tweaked to make it pr-length and pithiness. Please send it out as it is now. Smiling

Uncle Linz

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