Foolishness at work.

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Mon, 2007-10-01 00:18

The British Government has raised the minimum wage (yet again) to a disgracefully high 5-52 pounds per hour, which is the equivalent of $600 NZD per week! Shocked

It was not lost on the British Retail Consortium that the last minimum wage increase cost 1.7 Billion pounds to employers.

This policy is madness....almost as bad as our own Government policy.

A minimum wage costs employment opportunities because in addition to the 'wage' there are other 'add ons' which make it expensive to employ these people.

As most minimum wage recipients are working class there is also the 'undeserving' aspect.

I think these greedy employees need to become much more realistic about a few things, for instance, imagine a successful sort of chap, a City Businessman (to take a random example), who seeks to employ some servants.

He has to pay them 5-52 per hour as a basic wage, he has to pay National Insurance, holiday pay, find someone to do their job whilst they are on holiday and all this for some person to do cleaning, laundry and other domestic duties which is hardly a skilled occupation.

I can fully understand why a lot of chaps choose to illegally employ overstayers! ...apart from illegal immigrants being civil and deferential (in contrast to the attitude of the average Eastender), if there are breakages you can simply dock it out of their wages without complaint...(imagine trying that with a legal servant).
Any trouble from an illegal immigrant can be easily solved by a telephone call to the Constabulary where the employer chap can claim they are a burglar...(and who is more likely to be believed?)

In so many of these unskilled domestic occupations there is incredible short sightedness about minimum wages by the locals who are getting very close to pricing themselves out of the labour market.

This is, of course, in direct contrast with a Valet or Butler, which are highly skilled occupations chaps are more than happy to pay top dollar for...but a maid?! pfft..give me a break!

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I say a Manservant is highly skilled, it is because of the 'little things' he has to "know" without his Employer having to tell him...

For example, a Manservant needs to know precisely how his employer likes his tea..(how long to brew it, how much sugar and milk) much toothpaste to put on his toothbrush (although it seems a minor matter is actually quite important), what temperature his employer likes his bath water, what cufflinks or tie he wants, paying bills and making arrangements for his employer so the employer does not need to carry money.

An employer is also paying for the 'discretion' of a Manservant...seeing nothing, hearing nothing...never, ever quoting his employer.
Knowing which people telephoning to brush off by saying his employer is on Safari in Africa for six months...(so do not bother phoning back) Sticking out tongue

All these things are very important and the key to a good Manservant is how little his employer has to do for himself.

It is my great ambition Laughing out loud to turn all you chaps into Capitalists Sticking out tongue so you can all afford to employ Manservants! Laughing out loud (and get yourselves some decent clothes, and talk properly) Eye...but to get a good one, preferably from Britain, will cost around $90,000 per year in salary...but gosh...they are worth every cent! Smiling

Sounds like

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... SOLO-UK press release material to me. Smiling


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that is what I meant about a Valet or Butler being a skilled, highly paid occupation.

What about a manservant, Elijah?

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Sticking out tongue

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