Interesting that the Macquarie brigade are sniffing around Keys

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TVNZ reports "Key says he has talked with the bank's executive director Jim McClay but he says there have been no discussions with anyone at Macquarie bank about the policy.

He says he may have met bankers from Macquarie at certain events, such as the New Zealand Infrastructure Council, but there have been no detailed discussions with any particular provider."

Interesting timing for Keys, according to the Telegraph, Thames Water (UK) (who happen to be owned by Macquarie Bank) faces a fine of up to £140 million after announcing a huge increase in profits yesterday while its pipes leak almost 200 million gallons of water every day.

Thames Water's leakage results are totally unacceptable to their customers, who face restrictions on their water use this summer,"

Coincidentally, it seems that Macquarie have not bought themselves a lemon. In a prior bid from Arab investors to buy Thames Water, Mr Abdulla (a board member from the Qatar Investment Authority is quoted as saying: "We are in the business of making money and this (Thames) is not a risky opportunity."

Macquarie seem to have a bigger interests than eduction of little ol' NZ kids, international water ownership appears to be favourable
"A Macquarie Bank-led consortium today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of US water utility, the Aquarion Company (Aquarion) from Kelda Group plc of the UK, for an enterprise value[1] of US$860 million."

Back in June, Macquarie showed interest in buying Auckland Airport

Interestingly enough, Macquarie have appear to have a
macquarie Islamic Fund, although this URL is a bit weird. Check it out.

Macquarie are really into Islamic banking and investments.
It has formed a joint venture with Abu Dhabi bank. According the CEO Eirvin Knox, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has an ambitious plan to enter Islamic banking. "It could be in the shape of a dedicated division in the existing set up of the bank to launch products based on Islamic principles"

Macquarie University coincidentally promotes courses such as "Islam is a major world religion, and the anthropology of Islam an exciting enterprise that studies the lived experience of Islam and Muslims in a variety of contexts and different places. One unifying theme of the course will be its focus on the production of knowledge about Islam in the present, asking questions about who speaks for and about Islam. This includes a stress on representations and performances of Islam, not just in the ‘West’ but also in Muslim-majority societies as well.

You are invited to be a part of a new and challenging project called "Campus Conversations". It aims to promote a fair and critical understanding of Islam

“The image of Islam as a religion that denies women equal rights is inaccurate”. ...

However, Macquarie has interests in NZ rest homes and early childhood education centres, where it has been carefully pointed out that "Macquarie has shown an approach of not dictating how things should happen, but rather helping the local management team achieve what it wants to achieve,"

Macquarie must be really interested in the education of Kiwi kids and our airport huh?

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notice One News described Jim Mclay as 'Former National Deputy leader' Sticking out tongue ...not "Former Deputy Prime Minister" or "Former National Leader"...but former deputy leader Sticking out tongue (which he was for 7 months)...and yes..most amusing Sticking out tongue

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