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Submitted by dinther on Tue, 2007-10-02 10:48

Even though I very much enjoy the posts by the Solo guests, they take place in the house of Lindsay Perigo which has now repeatedly proven to be bully of the worst kind.

Not being true to yourself has been a reason for Lindsay to disconnect Solo members from their peers yet it is Lindsay himself who firmly believes that reason free personal abuse equates passion. I believe that is called emotional ranting and bullying.

I believe his behaviour is unacceptable and in fact I think it is Lindsay who should be told he is no longer welcome on this site. Yet it is his site so there is only one cause of action. I will have to leave and deny myself the great articles and insights of the rational Solo members.

The best way to defuse a bully is by stopping to give him any attention. As good or worthless as my posts are, I have removed them from this site as I no longer wish to contribute to the bully's powers.

It is not the message but the way the message is delivered that is the problem, only very thick skinned people can survive the abuse that goes around on this site. Abuse which I think is counter productive to the aim and credo of Solo Passion.


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