Feel-Good Environmentalism

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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Wed, 2007-10-03 03:33

The majority of the Environmentalists, despite the real underlying motives of the movement (specifically, the end of industrial civilization and in some cases man itself), are not actually anti-man and anti-industrialism per se. One of the main reasons why Environmentalism is so popular, but is rarely discussed in political circles, is that it is a feel-good system.

The reason for the whole feel-goodism of Environmentalism is that people are falsely made to believe that the movement is actually something good. For many young university ideologues, for instance, what could be better than going out and saving the whales?

But the feel-good Environmentalists fail to see beyond that. They think that, because it feels good, it must be good, even though basic knowledge teaches us otherwise. Drugs, for instance, feel good, but the effects are not necessarily so. To a serial killer, murder can also feel good-but murder is hardly a good thing. This is what many Leftists fail to realize-and, as thus, set the scene for tyranny and hardship. The best example of Leftist feel-goodism leading to such an outcome would be Cuba. Even today, Leftists ignore Cuba's problems, instead just blaming them on-and what else would you expect-the US embargo (despite the fact that Cuba trades with every other nation).

The feel-good aspect of Environmentalism comes from the fact that Environmentalism, like the whole of the Left in general, is about appealing to emotion rather than reason. This is why so many Leftist revolutionaries are young and extremely idealistic. They are immune to the ugly reality that lies beyond all the "I'm saving the environment!" nonsense. Once again, these young Environmentalists think that because it feels good, it must be good. And I suppose that's why so many young people take drugs.

This indoctrination, combined with the utter failure to look at Environmentalism rationally before joining up (most people do so because it's "the thing" or an act of rebellion) is similar to the tactics used in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. What could be cooler than joining in a revolution against the evil Capitalists?

Objectivism and Libertarianism use the opposite appeal. Instead, they appeal to reason. Instead of getting idiotic teenagers to rebel against the evil Capitalists, they get those teenagers-me, for example (despite the fact that I'm not an idiot)-to look at the improvements by the West in living standards during the past two centuries, and to look at the underlying philosophy behind those increases. It's obvious which system caused those increases.

Finally, after 110 million dead under Communism, far more under Socialism, and the other collectivist and statist terrors throughout history, the lesson is getting through. From the Forbes Magazine article Atlas Shrugs Again:

"Today's left doesn't have anything positive to offer to young people. When they were socialists, there was at least something they were fighting for, and they believed in a right and a wrong. Today's leftist agenda is negative and nihilistic--focused on stopping industrialization, capitalism and even Western civilization. But young people want positive values. That's why religion is so strong today, because many view it as the only thing that promises a brighter future."

What Yaron Brook at the ARI doesn't say is that the reason the Left paints such a nihilistic portrait of the future is why Environmentalism is so strong. To any random man on the street, it's about doing your part for the Environment. So what he says, albeit true for a lot of the Left, doesn't apply to feel-good Environmentalism. To most young people, especially considering the Leftism that is feed into you almost daily at school, it's about saving the environment-not about ending Western Civilization. Feel-good Environmentalism is responsible for the irrational Environmentalist witchhunts, and for the "live Earth" concerts and protests every other day, but that's a completely different story.

If we are to succeed in bringing down Environmentalism and the reality of it-not what most people think it is, we need to target the feel-goodism that has made it so successful.

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I agree Grace

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My link was to a news item "thisislondon". Lance linked the foundation's website and after reading it, I got the distinct impression that this is so utterly absurd that someone must be taking the mickey.

Have just been listening to

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Have just been listening to a BBC World Service, 'One World' documentary (I know, shameful), and note the coinage of the term 'climate porn' being given to alarmist media coverage of climate change. Rather apt I think.

OMG it almost seems like a hoax

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5th November

We will be holding our annual Bad Book Bonfire and Fun Fireworks Party on the common in Richmond upon Thames - bring along an unhappy book to burn and we'll be judging the Lemony Snicket Guy competition on the night. 


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And http://thehappyendingsfoundation.org/ that's the foundation's site

I'm not sure what Sandi was

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I'm not sure what Sandi was trying to link to, but here is an article about said foundation.

The Feel Gooders sally forth

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A couple of examples of the end result of Feel Good Environmentalism. Namely death to rationale and intellect.

"Children's books that don't have happy endings should be banned.

The Happy Ending Foundation is planning a series of Bad Book Bonfires for later this month, when parents will be encouraged to burn novels with negative endings."

"Books should let them be assured that the goodies-will come out on top."

Consider the latest game show to hit the USA and NZ.
"Are you smarter than a 5th grader"?

Is this the average level of questions representing the actual ability of game show entrants these days?


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Can a moderator re-make this a "blue" article again? I made a small change and it went back to white.

I always wonder

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I always wonder why, considering the fact that many Environmentalists have said that we need to destroy man and get back to nature, howcome they haven't shown us how to do so first.


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wonder if SOLO-ists encouraging socialists and folk dancing environmentalists to believe that attaching jumper leads to their nipples and turning on the power, under the guise of it "feeling good, man", would work? Sticking out tongue

This mass suicidal behaviour has some obvious benefits to the World in general Sticking out tongue ...and as these chaps are fundamentally gullible and brain damaged, I think it could be a wonderfully successful campaign ...(SOLO-ists doing Gods work!) Sticking out tongue

Gosh...I think I have a story idea for Samizdat!

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