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Submitted by Joe Idoni on Tue, 2006-01-17 01:40

I've been postponing it for three weeks, but after today, I no longer need to hold my tongue.

I have officially proposed marriage to my girlfriend of almost 1 year today. She had accepted, and after what I see as a long engagement, we will be married.


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You know, it's funny. I did get down on one knee, but I didn't ask. I just kind of gave her the ring.

Thank you all.


Congratulations Joe! Did you

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Congratulations Joe! Did you get down on one knee when you put the question?


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is wonderful, aint it.......may it live long and prosper, like the two of ye.......


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Good for you, Joe!  May you and the new Mrs. Joe have a long and happy life!


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Congratulations! I wish you both all the best - and remember, the more you organise for other people to do on your wedding day, the more the two of you will have Smiling


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Congratulations Joe. I wish you both the best and hope your lives together are long and happy.

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