Buon Italia

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Submitted by Prima Donna on Thu, 2007-10-04 23:40

Chef Mark and I just got back from a magnificent tour of the Alto Adige region of Italy. We also went to Asiago and Venezia, and will be posting shows on our experiences soon, including some cheesemaking. What a blast! For now I've posted some photos here.

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Tongue this.

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Isn't it fabulous?! I want to get one too!

I just posted photos from our Las Vegas trip. Now I get to be at home for a whole week and a half! Smiling


P.S. Chef Mark was featured in an AP news story today on personal chefs.

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Great Pic's Jennifer

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I just LOVE the door handle. Every girl should own one of these babies!!

Update on the fish cooked in the dishwasher.

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Have to be brief, as things to do.

Cooking in the dishwasher didn't happen. It was the first fish call of the season and all he had when I got to the wharf were conger eels (and I've got no way to smoke them at this stage, so out), lots of crabs (it was late Friday, so didn't have the time to be fussing with them), flounder (which we'd had the previous week, purchased from a fish shop in town), and skate. As I'd only tried skate once before, I purchased two skate wings (the cheapness, NZ$6, should have been ringing alarm bells), got them home and decided they didn't look like something to steam, thus fried them in butter. Utter disaster. They kept curling up in the pan so I couldn't get the whole surface area against the heat, meaning by the time I got them to the plate they were inedible. I also thought I had a brainstorm, and would serve them with bok choy, stir fried in fresh lemon juice and pepper, however, the lemon juice seemed to somehow caramelise the bok choy in a most umpleasant way.

Whole tea went into the bin, and we drank a (few beers) and bottle of merlot with a slab of white chocolate and macadam nuts instead. Went to bed with sore teeth.


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I meant the geek in the soccer jacket. Now that Ross and Chef Mark are in the fray....it's a tough call. I'll just sit back and watch.

Achy-breaky umami

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Believe me, Ross, we do feel like we're married -- without the benefits.

You'll have to ache a little longer. Smiling


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...stop teasing me and marry that Chef Mark. He sounds like a well-traveled culinary uberMensch. Just do it--release me--and it'll forever quell my aching longing for your sticky Ameri-girl umami.

Hehe, why not just 'Fish in

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Hehe, why not just 'Fish in Paykel'!

Or in my case, 'Fish in the

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Or in my case, 'Fish'n the Paykel a la drawer'.

I have to come up with a

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I have to come up with a name for this technique-
any suggestions?

Poisson a la vaisselle!


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Let us know how it goes!


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

As one of those happy

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As one of those happy coincidences to this thread, the local fisherman with whom I have somewhat of a 'deal' has just texted (the first of what will be weekly texts over the summer now) to say his boat will be down at the wharf tonight, so fresh fish for tea, cooked via the dishwasher method. I hope it goes well.

I. Love. Geeks.

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Thanks Suma!

Alas, the one in glasses is taken too!! They're both adorable (and adored by me) -- I'm cursed! I do love geeks, however. Smiling

Edit: Wait, which geek in glasses? My P.I.M.P. or the one in the soccer jacket?


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Formaggio, glorious formaggio

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There is an article online somewhere that has a recipe for cooking salmon in the dishwasher...trying to remember where it's from, but yes, it's a legitimate technique. Be sure to crimp the tinfoil firmly. Smiling (And I'm so glad you found your fish gadget!)

Claudia, I adore Joe, but alas, he's taken. Sad

Liz, I love Asiago, particularly the Pressato, which is a fresh version that's not commonly found in the States. I also love fresh mozzarella, and there is a cheese we had on this last trip that is served fried (yes, it's the ultimate in decadence). I can't remember if it is sheep, goat or cow, but it is sweet as can be (name is Dolce something -- sorry, jet lag). It's a fresh cheese, and it is lightly fried on either side. The taste is...indescribable.

When it comes to flavors, I am a fan of simplicity, so fresh mozzarella drizzled with some gorgeous olive oil, then topped with freshly cracked pepper and torn basil leaves makes my eyes roll back into my head. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.


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I look forward to the podcasts Jennifer, and the photos are beautiful.

Claudia: Joe the bald guy is OK, but I need to show where my loyalties lie and vote for the other favorite person - the geek in glasses. He looks like Jennifer has him wrapped around her little finger!


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no mickey here, just a cheap so-so Cabernet from a lable called Arrogant Frog's
Ribet Red.

You shouldn't need the dry cycle (fish cooks quickly). Maybe test it at that point-
and you are correct NO SOAP. I have to come up with a name for this technique-
any suggestions?

Mark -for a smaller option

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Mark -for a smaller option on the steamer try your automatic dishwasher. I learned this trick from Chef Prudhomme and it works very nicely. Wrap fish in foil with whatever seasonings you wish and run a full cycle.

You're not taking the mickey are you Liz? If not I'll certainly give it a go ... I'm just wondering if our dishwasher gets hot enough to cook a fish, but then, I've never actually thought about what goes on in there. Lots of water, I guess, then heat to dry.

I will give it a go (would certainly make life easy). I guess I don't put the soap powder in though Smiling


[Claudia: yes, the grabbing gives him away. When I wrote the original post I'd not realised there were five pages of photos. Am I right that bald only looks sexy on a bloke, according to the shape of his head, or is it an indiscriminate thing?] 

Excellent photos Jennifer

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Excellent photos Jennifer and I am looking forward to the podcast as well.
I would love to know, which are your top 2 cheeses from the region. I am always
looking for new cheeses to try.

Mark -for a smaller option on the steamer try your automatic dishwasher.
I learned this trick from Chef Prudhomme and it works very nicely.

Wrap fish in foil with whatever seasonings you wish and run a full cycle.


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um... he's the sexy, bald one grabbing Jennifer. Smiling

Oh, sorry, just realised

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Oh, sorry, just realised there are four pages of photos.

Lucky, lucky, lucky. You're

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Lucky, lucky, lucky. You're living the dream, Jennifer.

We're hoping to get around Italy in a couple of years: I can't wait. Food, glorious food.

(By the way, I finally found a 60 inch fish steamer - at least, Pauline did - on the Internet, UK site I think. Anyway, it's on the plane by now I hope. I never did make it back to your site, but plan to set aside time to do so.)

(Claudia: which is Joe? The guy in the beard and rumpled shirt, or the guy in the shades? And if you're correct, what in his body language gives him away - it's best us blokes know these things.)


Looks like fun Jen.

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I love you and the Dolomites. Purely awesome!

Say, that Joe looks rather handsome... notice he likes you too. Smiling

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